The craziest month of the year is over. Here’s what we’ve been up to in DeFi 🚀

Permissionless, uncensored and globally available — that’s what DeFi is. And as we learned last week, it’s what centralized finance can never be. The actions of numerous financial institutions have made it loud and clear why DeFi matters. If you’re a part of this incredible community, hold tight, because things are about to move in big ways 🚀


Zerion DeFi blue tick
  • Introducing the DeFi blue tick: We’re no longer restricting the assets you can and can’t trade, but we are going to make it easier for you to do your own due diligence. Our new blue tick lets you verify assets at a glance, indicating whether a token appears in at least two Token Lists. We’re building on a community-led initiative that proves permissionless token curation can coexist with improved user safety. Read more about why this matters and how the blue tick marks an important shift in the DeFi user experience.
  • DeFi SDK gets the green-light: DeFi SDK, our open-source library that helps developers integrate protocols, has been successfully audited by both Trail of Bits and Peck Shield, with no security issues found. The protocol has moved over $20 M in volume since October 2020 and is becoming the backbone of our optimized trade routing. Read the full audits here.
  • Support for L2 balances: If you’ve traded through Loopring’s L2 DEX, you’ll be glad to see that all your tokens now also appear on Zerion.
  • Earn staking rewards with Zerion + Lido: Interested in staking on ETH 2.0 but don’t have time for the set-up process? Buy and sell Lido’s stETH directly from out interface.
  • Smarter wallet management on web and mobile: The new “Manage Wallets” feature lets you separate personal wallets from watched wallets, set custom notifications, and more.
  • iOS widgets: Track your DeFi portfolio from your home screen.
Zerion iOS home screen widgets

Protocol and asset updates

Check out the new Index section on the Invest page:

Trading enabled for:


  • PoolTogether V3
  • Enzyme Finance V2 (formerly Melon Protocol)
  • Livepeer staking

In the media

Bankless AMA with CEO Evgeny Yurtaev: Inner workings of Zerion, growth predictions for 2021 and more!

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