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You look rare!

Zerion DNA is a first-of-its-kind living NFT that evolves as you explore Web3. Every wallet action will change your DNA. Zerion DNA lets you show off who you are on-chain.

1 § Background
2 § Filling
3 § Body
4 § Clothing
5 § Head
6 § Color

DNA attributes

Your Zerion DNA is composed of six attributes that combine to form your on-chain footprint and are represented by different layers in your NFT.

Predictable Attributes: Three of these attributes are relatively static and can only evolve positively or remain constant: gas spend, the number of transactions, and the amount of time you hold the NFT in Zerion Wallet.

Dynamic Attributes: The other three attributes (Number of tokens and Wallet/Network balance) are dynamic and fluctuate with market movement and frequent transactions.

color : Arbitrum network color : aurora network color : avalanche network color : BSC network color : ethereum network color : Fantom network color : gnosis network color : loopring network color : optimism network color : Polygon network color : solana network
Zerion DNA changes colors to reflect the network with the highest balance in your Zerion Wallet.

: Arbitrum

: aurora

: avalanche


: ethereum

: Fantom

: gnosis

: loopring

: optimism

: Polygon

: solana

Zerion DNA adds details to your NFT’s headwear depending on the number of transactions you perform.

level 1 :
0-10 transactions

level 2 :
10-50 transactions

level 3 :
50-250 transactions

level 4 :
250-500 transactions

level 5 :
500-1,000 transactions

level 6 :
>1,000 transactions

The value of your assets determines the style of your DNA’s the larger the balance, the more elaborate the clothes.

level 1 :

level 2 :

level 3 :

level 4 :

level 5 :

level 6 :

Your Zerion DNA’s body is defined by the amount of time you hold it. Its body will become more transparent over time.

level 1 :
up to 4 weeks

level 2 :
older than 4 weeks

level 3 :
older than 13 weeks

level 4 :
older than 26 weeks

level 5 :
older than 39 weeks

level 6 :
older than 52 weeks

Your DNA’s filling will be influenced by the number of tokens you hold in your Zerion Wallet.

level 1 :
0-5 tokens

level 2 :
5-10 tokens

level 3 :
10-20 tokens

level 4 :
20-50 tokens

level 5 :
50-100 tokens

level 6 :
>100 tokens

The background of your DNA is connected to the amount of gas you’ve spent on transactions in Zerion Wallet.

level 1 :

level 2 :

level 3 :

level 4 :

level 5 :

level 6 :

Get Zerion wallet


  • Zerion is a smart, social wallet and investing tool that helps manage your DeFi and NFT portfolio on mobile.

  • Zerion Dynamic NFT Avatar (DNA) is a living NFT that evolves with every wallet action. Your Zerion DNA is your on-chain footprint, reflecting the networks you use, assets you hold and gas you’ve spent.

  • To get Zerion DNA, you need to:

    1. Install Zerion Wallet mobile app on iOS or Android;
    2. Create a wallet or import an existing one via your seed phrase or private key;
    3. Open the NFTs tab in Zerion Wallet, tap on the “claim your Zerion DNA” banner and then “Claim DNA.” Minting is free, but you’ll need to have some ETH in your wallet to pay for gas.
  • Zerion DNA’s attributes change with every transaction you make as long as several conditions are met:

    • You hold Zerion DNA in a Zerion Wallet.
    • You have a green checkmark that means the DNA is set as “Primary” (if you have several DNAs in one address, only the Primary will evolve)
    • You sign transactions with Zerion Wallet (if you also make transactions in another wallet, those will not count).

    As long as you hold Zerion DNA in a Zerion Wallet, the body (the number of weeks held) will change, becoming more transparent.

  • If you move your DNA to another Zerion Wallet, its Predictable Attributes will stay the same:

    • Headwear: the number of transactions made;
    • Body: the number of weeks the DNA was held;
    • Background: gas spent on transactions in Zerion Wallet.

    As you transact in the new wallet, these attributes will continue to evolve.

    Your DNA’s Dynamic Attributes (number of tokens, wallet balance, and preferred network) will update based on the assets and value in the new wallet.

  • If you move DNA to a non-Zerion Wallet, you will see a “Locked” label in NFT marketplaces like Opensea and Rarible.

    A Zerion DNA in a non-Zerion Wallet will not evolve. Even its body (the number of weeks) will not change.

  • If you buy Zerion DNA, its style (e.g., bubbles or stripes) will remain the same, but it will change how it looks.

    If you send an NFT you bought to a Zerion Wallet, Predictable attributes will stay the same:

    • Headwear: the number of transactions,
    • Body: the number of weeks the DNA was held,
    • Background: gas spent on transactions in Zerion Wallet.

    Dynamic attributes will update to reflect what’s in your new Zerion Wallet.

    If you buy a DNA for a non-Zerion Wallet, it will show up as “Locked” in NFT marketplaces and will not evolve further.

  • If you have two Zerion DNAs in one Zerion Wallet address, one of them must be selected as Primary. Only the Primary NFT will evolve.

    If you have several addresses in your Zerion Wallet, each address can have one Primary DNA.

  • If you see a Zerion DNA listed on OpenSea or another marketplace, this means that this DNA is not kept in a Zerion Wallet. A “Locked” DNA will not evolve.

    If you buy a “Locked” DNA and move it to a Zerion Wallet, the “Locked” label will disappear and the DNA will continue to evolve (please make sure it’s set as “Primary”).

  • Zerion DNA is meant to reflect Zerion Wallet transactions and is essential to it. This also allows us to ensure that your DNA’s evolution is tracked accurately and everyone has an equal chance of participating in Zerion’s ecosystem.