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Tokenization Solutions

All technical support packages include smart contract development and auditing.

Private sale

The VC round of the future

Invite your key investors onto our seamless interface and keep full control of your tokens.


The IPO of the future

Open a secure crowdsale portal and reach investors from all over the world.


The Community of the future

Launch a token airdrop and build a large, verified customer community.

Platform Features

Automated KYC&AML
Conduct investor due-diligence with Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering compliance
Investor accreditation
Meet local investor accreditation requirements (i.e. SEC Rule 506)
Global legal partners
Work with trusted and experienced legal partners in your region
Audited codebase
Feel confident in the security of your tokensale with our third-party-audited codebase
Stable infrastructure
Utilize high-load ready, auto-scaled servers with DDoS protection
Bulletproof smart contracts
Forget about bugs or breaches. These are Zerion’s specialty, audited by third-party agencies
Marketing tool integrations
Manage your Google Analytics, Zapier integrations, customer service tickets and remarketing campaigns
Bonus System
Transform your investors into sales agents with token incentives
Referral program
Attract more investors with automated custom-pricing and incentive programs
Beautiful UI
Brand our platform with your logo, colors, and fonts
Optimized UX
Configure user flows based on company preference (i.e. KYC timing)
Currency support
State-of-the-art Smart Contracts
Leverage the power of any token standard
(ERC20, ERC721, ST20)
Founder dashboard
Track your investor activity from initial touchpoints to successful token purchases
Token distribution
Allocate tokens accurately and efficiently across investors, team & advisors

Case Studies

active Zerion Investor accounts
funds raised by our clients
average return on investment
Total amount raised
Services provided
  • Private sale platform
  • Crowd sale platform
  • Smart contracts
“We’ve engaged with Zerion from ideation to ICO. Their expertise helped us reach our goals on both the pre-ICO and ICO stages, and successfully launch our project.”
Alex Fork, Founder – HumaniQ
Alex Fork, Founder – HumaniQ
Total amount raised
Services provided
  • Private sale platform
  • Smart contracts
“Security and transparency are of the utmost importance to Nexo and we are extremely happy with Zerion’s work and ongoing support for the smart contracts for the NEXO Tokens.”
Kosta Kantchev, Managing partner — Nexo.io
Kosta Kantchev, Managing partner — Nexo.io
Total amount raised
Services provided
  • Crowd sale platform
  • Smart contracts
“Zerion helped our team with building the investment flow and smart-contracts. They showed extreme expertise in the blockchain sphere as well as professionalism in handling unexpected situations.”
David Bailey, Partner at Po.et and CEO of BTC Media
David Bailey, Partner at Po.et and CEO of BTC Media


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