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Zerion created a smart contract for the Waves Project before ICOs were an established technology. We worked closely with their team in creating a contract to increase financial transparency which saves all investment transaction hashes on the Ethereum blockchain, and in developing a service that displays real-time crowdsale analytics performance.
Total Amount Raised
“Zerion was one of the first blockchain companies with focus on the technology. We have accomplished a lot together and we continue to work on creating new opportunities.”
Alexander Ivanov,
Founder, CEO – Waves


Zerion supported HumanIQ from start to end of the crowdfunding process. We helped develop the first draft of HumanIQ’s technical white paper, and then supported the launch of their pre-ICO, raising $100K. We created a custom-branded investor dashboard, smart contract functionality, and real-time analytics trackers for their ICO, which raised $5.6M.
Total Amount Raised
Investors number
11 600
“We’ve engaged with Zerion from ideation to ICO. Their expertise helped us reach our goals on both the pre-ICO and ICO stages, and successfully launch our project.”
Alex Fork,
Founder – HumaniQ

The Token Fund Project

Zerion created an automated programming platform for this tokenized crypto-fund so that investors all over the world can now diversify their portfolios by investing Bitcoins or Ethers to the fund in exchange for fund tokens. Zerion’s automated, open-sourced software enables full transparency and audits for the fund.
Total Amount Raised
Investors number
5 000
“Zerion is our reliable partner. Their outstanding technical expertise in blockchain technology has helped us build leading products in record time.”
Vladimir Smerkis,
Founder – The Token Fund

True Flip

Zerion led development for True Flip’s ICO, the world’s first fully transparent bitcoin lottery. We built smart-contracts for their crowd sale and designed and developed custom micro-services to help their infrastructure interact with the blockchain. We also led a two-day workshop for True Flip’s technical team focussed on helping them understand smart-contracts and the Ethereum network.
Total Amount Raised
Investors number
10 000
“Zerion helped us a lot with our token model. They essentially became a part of our team for the ICO stage and go on advising. Their knowledge of the field helped us in building the world's first truly transparent lottery.”
Nitika Parhomenko,
Founder & COO – TrueFlip


Zerion built a custom-branded investment dashboard for Poet’s ICO investors, as well as the smart contract functionality for Poet’s token. We also created several mechanisms of investment democratization: access tokens that were distributed to the community, and an automatic invoicing system that enabled more investors to participate in the crowdsale.
Total Amount Raised
Investors number
3 000
“Zerion helped our team with building the investment flow and smart-contracts. They showed extreme expertise in the blockchain sphere as well as professionalism in handling unexpected situations.”
David Bailey,
Partner at Po.et and CEO of BTC Media


Zerion managed the technical side of the crowdsale and token distribution process during the TokenBox private and public sale. We also helped the Tokenbox team to improve their tokenization model and platform architecture. During the crowdsale, we successfully defended the system against a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack on main platform components.
Total Amount Raised
Investors number
1 600+
“Zerion is one of the most experienced commands we see on the market now. They do not just provide an excellent product and service for tokenization but also helped us to prevent hundreds of common errors during the crowdsale.”
Viktor Shpakovsky,
Founder — Tokenbox


Zerion advised the Nexo team from seasoned overdraft loan provider Credissimo on their move into blockchain technology. We wrote the smart contracts powering the first overdraft loans for crypto investors. Our software helps users secure their loans with existing crypto assets while retaining the upside potential of their tokens.
Total Amount Raised
“Security and transparency are of the utmost importance to Nexo and we are extremely happy with Zerion’s work and ongoing support for the smart contracts for the NEXO Tokens.”
Kosta Kantchev,
Managing partner — Nexo.io

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