Amun’s first DeFi indexes come with a $100,000 birthday cake!

We’re excited to announce that Amun — sister company of the world’s largest issuer of crypto exchange-traded products, 21Shares AG — is launching its DeFi index tokens for the first time on Zerion!

Until now, Amun’s suite of exchange-traded products has simplified access to crypto for both institutional and retail investors in the traditional finance community. Today, Amun’s first two DeFi indexes —DeFi Index and DeFi Momentum Index — provide investors with broad exposure to the Ethereum DeFi ecosystem in an easy, automated, and cost-efficient manner.

Amun’s DeFi Index

The DeFi Index (DFI) token is the easiest way to gain exposure to blue-chip DeFi projects. It's a DeFi index that selects the top eight DeFi projects by market capitalization and allocates them by equal weighting.

Because the pace of innovation in DeFi is far greater than traditional finance, upstarts often surpass incumbents in weeks rather than years. By being equally weighted, DFI captures more of a protocol’s growth phase compared to market weighted indices. DFI is rebalanced monthly to lock in gains and is fee-free until 2022.

Amun DeFi Index (DFI)

Amun’s DeFi Momentum Index

Finding the next project that’s about to “moon” is one of the most lucrative but time-consuming tasks for any avid investor. Amun’s DeFi Momentum Index (DMX) is designed to automate this process. Constituent tokens are automatically allocated based on their price momentum, which is calculated using the relative strength index (RSI).

DeFi protocols with the eight highest momentum factors are selected and allocated with equal-weighting. In bull markets, DMX acquires tokens with the strongest price action while in bear markets, DMX shifts its allocation to include stablecoins for downside protection.

Amun DeFi Momentum Index (DMX)

Buy to win

To celebrate this bold step, Amun is giving away $100,000 in DeFi blue-chip tokens!

To be eligible to win, all you have to do is be one of the first 2,000 people to:

  1. Buy at least $200 worth of Amun’s DeFi Index (DFI) or DeFi Momentum Index (DMX)
  2. Hold the assets for at least 30 days

After 30 days, any wallet that meets these criteria will receive a push notification on Zerion to participate in Amun’s “Wheel of Token” sweepstakes and will have 5 days to participate.

Entering the sweepstakes guarantees a reward between $2 and $1,000 from a pool of DeFi blue chips, including ETH, COMP, UNI, LINK, 1INCH and CRV. All rewards will be disrupted within 2 weeks of spinning the wheel.

Amun sweepstakes

Campaign terms

Please refer to the full terms and conditions of this campaign.

Got questions? Reach out to anyone on the Zerion or Amun team.