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Query industry-leading web3 portfolio, transactions and NFT data that scales with your product.

All your user wallet’s tokens, DeFi positions, NFT collections, and transaction history across all major networks — all in human-readable language.
Mockup Zerion
1  curl --request GET \
2        --url '[size]="
3        --header 'accept: application/json'

1 {
2     “links”: {
3        “self”: “https//"
4        “next”: “https//"
5    },
6    “data:  [
7       {
8          “type”: “transaction”,
9          “id”: “cc3b0f49cf63544ca1789cd6e6629063”
10         “attributes”:  {
11             “operation_type”:  “mint”
12            “hash”:  “0x4f5B595c0b931aa46605072b4c55c7446"
13            “mined_at_block”:  31502729
14            “mined_at”:  “2023-12-18T11”
15            “sent_from”:  “0x4ba03f4b5970cf0c6e31ba6848da"
16            “sent_to”:  “0x6d971ad9fb3899c73395853b355414"
17            “mined_at”:  “2023-12-18T11”

Use Zerion API to supercharge your products

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Detailed human-readable transactions
Decipher complex transactions with ease: human-readable data at your fingertips
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Multichain NFTs, Positions and more
All web3 positions, NFT data across collections and a meta-swap aggregator
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Battle-tested across web3's top wallets
Several million web3 citizens have explored web3 reliably with infrastructure built on Zerion's API

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Security is our top priority and we take great care to ensure that our API is protected against potential security threats. Our infrastructure is regularly audited by industry-leading providers.

Industry leaders use Zerion API

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It was effortless for our engineers to build Rainbow’s UX integrating Zerion API for transactions and positions data. Their infra has handled our load seamlessly!
Jin Chung
Co-Founder of Rainbow Wallet
We love Zerion API because it made it easy to add recent activity to Web3Modal without the need to run our own infrastructure. Their API works across 12+ networks and also includes NFTs besides transactions.
Derek Rein
CTO of WalletConnect


What networks does Zerion API support?

Zerion supports over 12 blockchains, including all the most popular EVM blockchains. You can find a full list here:

Don't see your preferred blockchain listed here? Please contact us at [email protected] get this included!

Can I monetize on top of the Zerion API?

Yes, it's your product, we give you full flexibility to monetize it however you'd like!

Does Zerion API include NFTs?

Yes, the Zerion API returns comprehensive API data including collections, NFT IDs and more. Please refer to our NFT endpoints in for the detailed schema.

What is the pricing of the Zerion API?

Every Zerion API key has its own rate limits. Development keys are free to use.

For development keys, the limit is currently set at 5k requests per day. This is spread across ~60 requests per minute with a 30 seconds waiting period. The dev key limits are meant to remain appropriate for local development.

If you reach the limit, the Zerion API will return a 429 status code with an error for every request beyond the limit before it will be reset.

If you need a key for a production environment up to 200+ RPS, please contact us at [email protected] with your dev key details and any special requirements. We'll send over a custom pricing proposal with best in-class usage pricing!