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What makes Arbitrum different?

Arbitrum One is a Layer-2 scaling network for Ethereum.

Developed by Offchain Lab and launched in 2021, Arbitrum is a time-tested and secure optimistic rollup technology. It has since then grew to become the largest L2 with a vibrant ecosystem of DeFi protocols and other dapps.
Arbitrum One is the flagship decentralized L2 network in Arbitrum’s ecosystem, which also includes Arbitrum Nova, a high-performance chain with additional trust assumptions.

Explore the zkSync Era ecosystem

A decentralized spot and perpetual exchange that supports low swap fees and zero price impact trades.
A protocol that enables fixed yields and the trading of tokenized future yield on an AMM system.
An ecosystem-focused and community-driven DEX built on Arbitrum.


What is Arbitrum One?

Arbitrum One is a Layer-2 (L2) network for scaling Ethereum (L1). It features low fees, fast transactions, and a robust ecosystem of DeFi protocols.

Which kind of L2 rollup is Arbitrum?

Arbitrum One is an optimistic rollup. This means that it assumes all transactions are correct and valid. Yet they can be challenged with fraud proof during the challenge period. Arbitrum One is fully EVM-compatible, which means it’s very easy to port smart contracts from Ethereum.  

What is the difference between Arbitrum and Arbitrum One?

Arbitrum is the rollup technology based on fraud proofs aka an optimistic rollup. Arbitrum One is an L2 chain and a specific implementation of Arbitrum’s technology.

Does Arbitrum have a coin?

Arbitrum launched $ARB, a ERC-20 governance token. It was minted by a smart contract on Arbitrum One and distributed as an airdrop to early users and developers.