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What makes Scroll zkEVM different?

Scroll is a Layer-2 network and scaling solution for Ethereum, employing zero-knowledge proofs. Designed to be fully compatible with Ethereum, Scroll zkEVM offers an environment that is familiar to users and developers who have previously interacted with Ethereum.
Scroll's approach involves creating cryptographic "zk proofs". These proofs are posted to and verified by Ethereum's smart contracts, ensuring each transaction on Scroll is legitimate. The best part is that Scroll offers bytecode-level compatibility, which means dapps from Ethereum mainnet can migrate without any modification.

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An isolated lending protocol with 9 pairs
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What is Scroll Ethereum?

Scroll is a Layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum, using zero-knowledge proofs for enhanced efficiency and security. It’s a zkEVM or zk-rollup with full EVM compatibility.

Is Scroll EVM-compatible?

Yes, the Scroll network is EVM-compatible at the byte level, enabling it to support Ethereum-based smart contracts and applications.

How do I add a scroll network to MetaMask?

To add the Scroll network to MetaMask, you need to manually enter the network details (RPC URL, Chain ID, etc.) provided by Scroll into the settings. In Zerion Wallet, the Scroll network is enabled automatically and by default. Simply bridge some ETH, and it will show in your wallet.

Is Scroll mainnet live?

Yes, the Scroll mainnet launched in October 2023 after a long period of testing during the test net phase. Scroll is one of the newer zk-rollup networks.