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What makes Optimism different?

Optimism, also known as the OP Mainnet, is a Layer-2 (L2) network for scaling Ethereum based on an open-sourced OP Stack.

Developed by the Optimism Collective, the OP Mainnet is an optimistic rollup, which moves computation and transactions off-chain and posts summaries of all the changes to Ethereum. It’s called ‘optimistic’ because
Optimism also has pioneering Retroactive Public Goods Funding program. The RetroPGF funds projects that create value for the ecosystem, increasing the demand for L2 blockspace, which in turn creates sequencer revenue for producing blocks. Finally, this revenue is shared through RetroPGF, creating a flywheel effect.

Explore the Optimism ecosystem

A next-generation AMM that combines the best of Curve, Convex and Uniswap to serve as Optimism's central liquidity hub.
A derivatives liquidity protocol that enables decentralized perpetual futures, collateralized by Synthetix Network Token (SNX).
A Web3 publishing platform where you can create writing NFTs. People can subscribe to your publications with a wallet.


What is Optimism L2?

Optimism is a Layer 2 network for scaling Ethereum. As an optimistic rollup, the OP Mainnet moves computation and transactions offchain, assuming they are all correct and valid. However, during the challenge period, any malicious transansactions can be challenged with a fault proof.

Is Optimism an L2?

Yes, Optimism a Layer-2 network for Ethereum. It’s an optimistic rollup and is fully EVM-compatible, which means it’s very easy to port any smart contracts from Ethereum to Optimism.

Is Optimism part of Ethereum?

Optimism is a Layer 2 netowork and is part of the larger Ethereum ecosystem. However, it’s not part of the Ethereum blockchain. Instead, Optimism uses Ethereum for security by posting summaries of its block to the Ethereum blockchain. This is increases the total throughput of the Ethereum blockchain.

How do I connect to Optimism network?

To connect to Optimism on a website, select Optimism as the network in your wallet and click ‘connect wallet’ button on the website. With Zerion Wallet, you can also first connect wallet and then change the network by clicking on the Ethereum icon and then selecting the OP logo.