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What makes Blast different?

Blast is an EVM-compatible optimistic rollup that differentiates itself as an Ethereum Layer 2 solution by focusing on providing native yield for ETH and stablecoins. This yield comes from ETH staking and RWA protocols that hold T-bills.

ETH and USDB, the native stablecoin on Base, automatically rebase (increase) for all user accounts. This rebasement is similar to Aave’s aTokens and can be also implemented in smart contracts.
Blast also introduces a gas revenue-sharing model with DApps. This model allows developers the flexibility to either keep this additional revenue or use it to subsidize gas fees for their users, potentially fostering a more developer-friendly ecosystem and encouraging innovation.

Explore the Blast ecosystem

A decentralized lending protocol that aims to offer a “better than CEX” experience
BAC Games
A club racing game with SocialFi elements and ability to earn rewards
A decentralized lending protocol designed for L2s. Based on Aave V3 and powered by Pyth and Chainlink


What is Blast crypto?

Blast is an Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution that provides native yields for ETH and stablecoins, along with a unique gas revenue-sharing model for DApps.

What is the Blast mainnet?

The Blast mainnet refers to the live, production environment of the Blast network where real transactions occur and the network's features are fully operational.

How do you qualify for Blast airdrop?

To qualify for the Blast airdrop, you need to earn points for bridging ETH and stablecoins, inviting users, and using dapps. There are several ways to increase your points such as spins and multipliers.

How do I add the Blast network to MetaMask?

To add the Blast network to MetaMask you need to manually enter the network's details (RPC URL, Chain ID, etc.) into MetaMask’s custom RPC settings, provided by the Blast documentation or official resources. In Zerion Wallet, the Blast mainnet is automatically added right away by default — just bridge some ETH and it will show up in your wallet on Blast.