Borrow DAI directly from Zerion

Borrow DeFi assets like DAI from Zerion

We are thrilled to announce the support for MakerDAO’s collateralized debt positions (CDP) in Zerion. Now, you are able to take out a loan in DAI backed by collateral in Ethereum.

What’s a CDP?

MakerDAO protocol allows you to take out loans denominated in DAI backed by collateral in Ether. Whenever you deposit your ETH into the system, a collateralized debt position (CDP) is created. You can then use it to mint DAI, a stable coin pegged to 1 $USD.

A loan in 🔸 DAI has two major use-cases:

  1. Transact at stable prices without selling your ETH
  2. Use DAI to buy other tokens (you can do that in the “Exchange” tab)
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The process of opening a CDP with Zerion is easy!

Step 1: Go to and navigate to the “Borrow” tab.
If you have opened a CDP before, you should see it here!

Borrow DAI from Zerion

Step 2: Follow the instructions to open a new CDP.

Borrow DAI from Zerion

Step 3: Confirm the transaction in your selected wallet!
We currently support Metamask, Tokenary and Fortmatic.

Step 4: Congratulations! You have just created your first CDP :)
Now, you can manage your CDP from the “Borrow” tab.

The “Overview” tab lets you see the key parameters of your CDP. It shows your current debt, collateral, and their ratio.

✅ As long as your debt does not surpass 66% of the collateral, your CDP remains safe, and you can take out more DAI if you need to.
⚠️ You will only be able to withdraw full collateral once you repay your full debt amount.
❗️ If your collateralization ratio rises above 66%, your CDP will be liquidated.

Recap: What you can do with Zerion already!

  • Track ETH and ERC20 tokens on as many wallets as you like
  • Watch the historical performance of your portfolio
  • Send and Receive crypto assets
  • Buy and Sell more than 20 tokens
  • Take out a loan in DAI backed with your ETH

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