Hey ETHDenver hackers! We are excited to announce that Zerion will be attending ETHDenver this year, and we are looking forward to seeing what you will #buidl for the future of Decentralized Finance on top of Ethereum!

ETHDenver is free for everyone wanting to participate, so make sure to apply as their last round of applications closes January 31, 2019.

Last year marked a very important milestone for Ethereum. Thanks to the tireless work of hackers like you, #HODL was replaced by #BUIDL, and we saw an emergence of decentralized open-source financial primitives like tokens (ERC20 & ERC721), decentralized exchanges to trade them (0x, Kyber Network, Uniswap), stablecoins (MakerDAO), money markets (Compound) and even marginal trading (DyDx, bZx). All the above created a Decentralized Finance movement (DeFi), that is on track to provide the world with a more robust, transparent and global financial system.

Zerion is now building a trustless bank to unify the space of Decentralized Finance to foster usability and adoption of DeFi. We believe that the true value of open-source finance comes from the interoperability of these protocols. Therefore, we are looking for novel applications, use cases, or better implementations of DeFi protocols for future integration within Zerion.

Resources to start #building for DeFi

  1. Intro to DeFi, stablecoins, decentralized exchanges on Zerion Blog
  2. 0x developer docs
  3. Compound docs
  4. MakerDAO docs
  5. A curated list of existing DeFi projects on GitHub

Meet our team at ETHDenver

Two members of our team will be joining you at ETHDenver, our CTO — Alex and DeFi protocol hacker Vadim!

Prior to the hackathon, feel free to join our Telegram group, or directly message our CTO, Alex!

Check out our website, and follow us on Twitter!