Your wallet doesn’t just hold assets, it also stores your entire onchain reputation. DegenScore quantifies it — and brings you opportunities.

In this post, we’ll explain what DegenScore is, how it works, and how it brings you unique opportunities (including the one mentioned in this post!).

What is DegenScore?

DegenScore calculates your onchain reputation based on what you’ve done in crypto.

Trading, providing liquidity, flipping NFTs, aping into new things, enduring rugpulls and hacks — everything counts and contributes to your score. If your degen score exceeds 700, you can mint the DegenScore Beacon, a soulbound (i.e. non-transferable) NFT on Ethereum.

The DegenScore Beacon, in turn, opens up opportunities with new projects: early access, allowlists, and more. All current opportunities, abilities, and jobs are listed in the DegenScore Cafe.

Examples of opportunities for DegenScore holders
Examples of opportunities for DegenScore holders

DegenScore is fully dox-resistant. There are no KYC, emails, or other links to anything in web 2.0. It’s entirely built for degens by degens.

The degens behind DegenScore

DegenScore is built by true degens. Their answers to blitz questions reveal that.

Adam, co-founder at DS

When you became a degen: When I was in pool 2 for YAMs. I was sitting next to Angelo and had to use Uniswap for the first time to get in there. After going through that ride it felt like a new part of the internet was going to be created around DeFi because it offered a new mechanic and user experience I had never seen before.

Worst rugpull/hack: Indexed Finance was pretty brutal. Just went to zero and my stables in the project disappeared. If you use DeFi it's only a matter of time before one of the projects gets hacked or rugged. I wasn’t involved in Euler but a lot of our top users were exposed and that was a wake up call highlighting just how difficult building a secure protocol is.

Epic aping story: For some reason I was heavily invested in Dogelon and saw on Etherscan Vitalik was sending tokens from his wallet to social impact projects. Sold everything, price nuked, re-bought and then questioned why I am holding most of my networth in a memetoken.

Favorite L2/alt-L1: I like Optimism. They are pretty forward looking from a governance standpoint and have long time horizons.

The NFT you’ll never sell: My Lobster NFT. Ivan will burn down my flat if I sell.

Your advice to Web3 citizens: Just keep building and trying new things onchain. Crypto is the frontier market right now and we have to all work together to create a long-lasting, innovative industry.

Alpha alert: get early access to the Zerion Wallet extension

If you already have a DegenScore Beacon NFT, you can get early access to the Zerion Wallet browser extension — before 350,000 people on the waitlist!

To start, just install the Zerion Wallet extension and import the address with your Beacon using your private key. All addresses holding the Beacon NFT are whitelisted.

If you don’t yet have a Beacon, try getting it now:

  1. Connect your wallet to
  2. If your score is under 700, you can connect more addresses — only your public address will be visible
  3. Once your score is over 700, you can mint the Beacon. Remember that it’s not transferable.


What is the Degen Score in NFT?

DegenScore is a soulbound (non-transferable) NFT issued to those with a lot of onchain experience in DeFi. Trading, providing liquidity, surviving rugs, and everything in between contribute to the total score.

How to increase your Degen Score?

The short answer: actively use more protocols. You can also increase your score by adding more of your addresses. The combined score will be associated with one address you choose as the main one.

How to mint a DegenScore Beacon?

You can only mint a Beacon if your DegenScore is above 700. Connect your wallet to DegenScore to check it. To achieve that score, you must be an active user of leading Web3 protocols.

Can you buy a DegenScore Beacon NFT?

No, DegenScore Beacon is a soulbound NFT. This means it’s not transferable and cannot be sold on OpenSea or any other market.