Put your NFT collection on full display

Your NFTs Have a New Home

We’re thrilled to announce that you can now show off your NFT collection directly from your iPhone home screen.

Users can now create custom widgets showcasing their favorite NFTs from the Zerion iPhone, iPad and macOS apps. This ‘NFT gallery’ widget works just like our portfolio monitoring and gas price widgets and lets you set your NFTs to rotate so your collection is always on display!

Crucially, only NFTs owners can display NFTs. When you connect your wallet to Zerion containing your NFTs, we verify your ownership to ensure that if (and only if) you own it, you can display it.

Zerion users can already store their NFT collections in the Zerion app and we released our own limited edition NFTs to celebrate this feature launch in July, with over 55,000 NFTs claimed. If you aren’t a Zerion user, connect your wallet and create your NFT widget!

The Cultural Becomes Financial

Although NFTs have been around for a while, the recent explosion in sales and buzz has cemented their importance within the wider crypto community. Opensea processed over $3 Billion in trading volume in August, Visa spent $150k to add a CryptoPunk to their asset catalog, and NFTs are making their way to Hollywood.

But beyond the flashy headlines, something more interesting is happening: NFTs are getting personal. It’s nearly impossible to scroll through Crypto Twitter without seeing a stream of NFT profile pics and play-to-earn games including Axie Infinity and Sorare are leveraging NFTs to literally help people across the globe make a liveable income.

We believe these are clear signs that the line between DeFi and the wider Web 3.0 community is shrinking. NFT ownership says something about yourself. It’s about carving out a digital identity that reflects your personality, interests and passions.

The fact that the medium used to access and exchange NFTs can be represented on-chain and paid for with digital assets bridges the gap between these two communities, often making them indistinguishable from one another.

Giving people a way to experience the cultural and financial in the same place helps bring these worlds even closer together.

What’s Next?

NFTs signal that the wait for a native, internet-based payment layer without the need for third parties is over. Owners can buy, sell and trade NFTs without ever opening a banking app or pulling out a credit card.

Yet the user experience side is still lagging. Most people can only see their NFTs in a browser or mobile app. This creates a situation where NFT ownership is almost “hidden.” We want to change that.

In the coming weeks and months we’re going to be rolling out several new NFT features to bring NFTs front and center for their owners. The widget is just the first of many.

Specifically, we’re planning to work on enhancing the overall experience, visibility and data around NFTs for their owners. Stay tuned!