Hello frens. After many months of hard work, we finally launched Zerion Wallet, a smart and social wallet for Web3! It came with a surprise: Zerion DNA, a living NFT that evolves as you explore Web3. And it’s only the beginning.


Zerion DNA

Every owner of a Zerion Wallet can claim Zerion DNA, the first-of-its-kind living NFT that evolves as you explore Web3.

Every wallet action will change your DNA and increase the NFT’s rarity. For example, the dominant color reflects the network with the highest balance in your wallet. And the headwear details depend on the number of your transactions. Learn more about attributes.


Smart and social wallet

Multichain Zerion Wallet. Beyond Ethereum, Zerion Wallet supports 9 other networks: track all assets, find the best rates for swaps on DEXes, and more.

Over the following weeks, we'll publish guides on what you can do on each of these networks. We started with Fantom, a fast and efficient EVM-compatible Layer-1 network with a lot of DeFi innovation. In our recent blog post you can learn how you can use Zerion Wallet on Fantom.

Web3 Wednesdays. We continued running Wallet Wednesdays, branching out into broader topics. They are now more aptly called Web3 Wednesdays.

In one of those conversations, we focused on how the bear market could be a great time to build and learn new things. The other chat — with speakers from Worldcoin, Lens Protocol, Seams, and Disco.xyz — explored the intersection of Web3 and identity.

Community Love

Layer3 bounties. For the launch of Zerion Wallet, we ran another Layer3 bounty campaign. If you’re interested in helping the Zerion community grow and would like to make some money, check out Layer3 — we’ll probably do more stuff there.

See you in Barcelona? Zerion is sponsoring ETH Barcelona on July 6-8. Quite a few members of the Zerion team from across the world will gather there. It could be a great chance to say hello!

See you at Zerion Connect! You don’t need to travel anywhere to join Zerion Connect, which is taking place every Thursday at 8am PST / 3pm UTC in Discord. We cover the Zerion roadmap, latest release, and general crypto news. We also have some time for the Q&A.

To the moon and beyond,
Your friends at Zerion

P.S Remember you can always chat to us on Discord or tell us what you want to see on our public roadmap. For support, check out our help center.