November was probably the worst month in crypto… The FTX rug, market sell-off, bankruptcies, lousy mainstream reporting, and a fresh round of crypto obituaries. Extra pain if you had to explain this stuff over Thanksgiving.

However, fundamentally nothing changed.

If anything, the collapse of “CeFi” highlighted the importance of non-custodial finance, where only you control what’s in your wallet. Amid last month’s turbulence, DeFi protocols ran like clockwork.

Already today, almost anything you could do on FTX you can do in DeFi and Web3. True, liquidity is lower, but we’ll get there eventually.

The most important thing now is to just stick around. Learn, build, explore.

That’s why we’re excited about Zerion’s new dapp browser — open your Zerion Wallet and tap on 🌐

With the dapp browser, it’s easier than ever to connect to any Web3 application on the go:

  • Open any URL in your Zerion Wallet
  • Connect your wallet in a few taps
  • Easily switch between networks and addresses
  • Bookmark the dapp to save time on entering the URL and reduce the risk of ending on a fake website

You need to experience it yourself. Or at least check out the videos in our Twitter thread about the dapp browser.

Learning with Zerion

At Zerion, we have regular programming to help you stay on top of what’s happening in Web3:

Web3 WednesdaysTwitter Spaces, where we invite guests to discuss the most interesting topics in Web3.

Zerion Connect — happening biweekly on Thursdays in our Discord.

In November, we’ve explored community-first investing with investment DAOs, the importance of self-custody, NFT tooling, and more.

And did you know you could get POAPs for tuning in to Zerion Connect?

It costs some USDC to mint those POAPs. You can get a refund if you prove you learned something by answering a short quiz by Dispatch. Tune in on Thursday to see how it works — the dates are in the Community Calendar.

Psst, can you keep a secret?

Last month we leaked some alpha in Lisbon: Zerion browser extension is coming soon, as the Block reported.  

If you want to be among the first to get early access, join Zerion Discord and keep an eye on announcements.

Enjoy the holiday of your choice and remember that no winter lasts forever.