Public onchain data can tell a lot about a wallet’s persona. By looking at NFTs, tokens, and transaction history, applications can offer personalized onboarding content without any privacy violations. However, quickly getting data from multiple chains isn’t easy. Outposts solved this challenge by integrating Zerion API.  

What is Outposts? 

Outposts is your personalized web3 digest — just connect your wallet and get the most important news from your communities without wasting time sifting through hundreds of socials.

For Communities, Outposts also offers a powerful news management and CRM tool.

Personalized digest from Outposts
Personalized digest from Outposts

The problem

The Outposts team wanted to understand their new users as fast as possible to provide them with content that was personalized to what they hold in their wallets. 

Users often have NFTs, tokens, DeFi positions, and transaction history across many chains. The complexity of data and the time to process it can quickly increase with the number of chains. 

The solution 

Zerion API provided a single endpoint to get user transactions across 16+ chains, helping the Outposts team to quickly identify what their new users do onchain. 

By knowing which dapps and projects newly connected wallets used, Outposts was able to offer highly personalized content. This also enabled their engineers to pre-populate followed communities. For example, if a wallet has a Zerion DNA and is active on Scroll zkEVM, the user would get updates from Zerion and Scroll. The user would also automatically join these two communities.  

After integrating Zerion API, Outposts also enabled the auto-follow feature. We look through each user’s transactions, tokens, and chains and match them with communities on our platform. So users don't have to follow projects manually. Meanwhile, projects can grow their number of followers faster and have actual users following them. This gives Web3 projects a powerful CRM tool to communicate with their users and understand and grow their business.

The speed, simplicity, and scalability of Zerion API also led Outposts to growth experiments. For example, they built a Farcaster Frame that offers free access NFT to personalized news in the time it takes you to navigate through a couple of frame pages.

It took very little time to implement Zerion API, and since then, Outposts’ production has grown from hundreds to tens of thousands of weekly active users. 

Key results

By integrating Zerion API, Outposts was able to use a single endpoint to: 

  • Analyze new wallets and offer personalized onboarding content 
  • Build the auto-follow list of wallets for the CRM
  • Launch new growth experiments with Farcaster Frames 
“Zerion API allows us to on the fly build a profile on new users to serve them personalized web3 news relevant to them as fast as possible. The API became a part of the puzzle that helped us grow.” — Ross Neilson, co-founder of Outposts

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