Remember when the ‘Connect Wallet’ button was to replace dozens of different passwords? It was supposed to be a better alternative to the oligopoly of sign-in with Google, Facebook, and Apple. Well, it didn’t quite work. Until now.

The problem

Today, you cannot connect most wallets to most dapps.

We tested 100 top dapps and found that the ‘Connect Wallet’ button is clearly broken. Every third dapp gives you limited wallet options. Only 4% of dapps have 10+ login options. And 43% cannot detect multiple wallets.

Only 13% of dapps can automatically detect which wallet you have and let you connect. 

As a result, we risk recreating the same limited, permissioned structure of Web 2.0, where the user is forced to choose between just two or three options.

The solution: EIP-6963

Developers from WalletConnect, Zerion, Brave, Rainbow, Wagmi, WalletConnect, and others created a simple way to discover which wallet the user has — EIP-6963

EIP-6963 standardizes the way dapps and wallets exchange information to create a user-friendly wallet selection. 

So when you click ‘Connect Wallet’, the dapp automatically recognizes which wallets you have and shows you only those options. 

It’s a win-win for everybody: 

  • Dapps show only the relevant wallets and don’t exclude any users
  • Wallets connect smoothly to dapps 
  • People enjoy the freedom to use any wallet 

However, like any standard, EIP-6963 needs to gain wide adoption. 

Who is already in

Luckily, some of the major dapps and wallets have already implemented EIP-6963:

  • Zora, Uniswap, Daylight, Safe, Brave, CowSwap, Zapper, Rainbow, Zerion, Privy, Yearn, Bebop, Origin, WalletConnect, Frontier, TokenPocket, XDEFI. 

And this is just the beginning. To spread further, EIP-6963 requires your help. 

That’s because dapp developers are busy and need to see that this is a priority, that we, the users, really need this.

Take action: Unblock Crypto!

To help spread the word and encourage dapps to implement the new standard, Zerion and partners are launching the Unblock Crypto campaign.

First, mint the EIP-6963 as an NFT on Zora. This will show your favorite dapps that you care. 

Next, spread the word about the new standard: tweet the link to the campaign and tag your favorite dapp.

If you work for a dapp, implement EIP-6963. It’s very easy, here are the instructions. After that, send a message to the EIP-6963 group channel on Farcaster and get featured as one of the campaign’s partners. You’ll get love, respect, and retweets from Zerion and other partners. 

Only by working together can we deliver on the promise of crypto and build a better, new internet.