Your Favorite NFTs On Your Apple Watch!

It’s been impossible to ignore NFTs after their impressive surge during the last few months. Insane Bored Apes and Cool Cat prices, $AXS and $MVI emerging status as blue chip tokens and Opensea’s staggering sales figures in August all make it obvious that NFTs belong in the wider crypto conversation.

But it wasn’t always this way.

Popular opinion initially dismissed the impact of NFTs to the point that they became part of a joke during Elon Musk’s appearance on Saturday Night Live. Words like “fad” and “bubble” swirled around with an almost dizzying pace and NFTs seemed.

But NFTs are more powerful than that.

NFTs are at the center of a new world of ownership and property rights in the digital space. Much like baseball cards and other collectibles, they represent an emotional connection for their owners that transcends logic or fact. This is the intersection of the financial and cultural.

We’ve recently released a series of NFT related features intended to help NFT owners make their collections shine.

Introducing NFT Apple Watch Faces from Zerion

Today, we’re happy to announce our latest release for NFT owners: an Apple Watch feature that allows you to put your NFTs on your wrist.

Our users are already showing off their collections with our Apple Watch App

To add your NFTs to your apple watch, first make sure that your WatchOS is updated and then:

  • Open the Zerion Wallet app on your iPhone and tap the NFT section on the Overview screen
  • Open the NFT you’d like to display on your Apple Watch and tap “…” in the top right corner of the screen
  • Select “Create Watch Face” and boom, you’re done!
Set your favorite NFT as a face on your Apple Watch in a few taps

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An NFT Treasure Hunt at Mainnet 2021

Like thousands of crypto-enthusiasts, the Zerion team is in New York for this year’s Mainnet conference presented by Messari. We’ve created something special to celebrate the release of our new Apple Watch feature.

We’re planning an NFT Treasure Hunt during the conference to help leave a lasting impression of the Zerion team and to give you something to add to your NFT collection.

Here’s how it works:

  • Each of the four Zerion team members at the conference has been given a different special edition NFT
  • When you meet one of us at the show or any side event, scan a QR code on our Apple Watches and you’ll receive your own NFT.
  • If you collect all four NFTs from the team, you’ll be entered to win a unique NFT.
  • To add a little extra motivation, the first & last person to collect all four will automatically get this unique NFT
  • If you collect all four at the conference, you’ll be entered to win your own unique NFT that we’ll announce in our next Community Call

This Treasure Hunt is a fun way to double down on the NFT space and show off our Apple Watch app. Happy hunting and see you in New York!

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