Hey friends!  Can you believe we're already one month into the new year? Don't let the bear market get you down – look around and you'll notice the telling signs of a healthy ecosystem: #BUIDL mode is on.

In the last month, we added 4 new members to our team, hosted our largest community call ever (1,000+ people), rolled out a host of exciting features, and started gearing up for our favorite event of the year: ETH Denver.

Product updates

Transaction markers. Check out our latest nifty tool available on every asset chart. Easily evaluate whether you're buying the dip or selling the top.

DeFi transaction markers on Zerion

Track and trade Gnosis Chain (xDAI). This is just the latest edition to our rapidly expanding multichain support. Don't forget you can already track and trade across 7 networks and easily send assets with the new multichain bridge.

500+ new protocols added across every network. DeBank joins OpenSea, Rarible and CoinGecko as a data source on Zerion.

Community board

  • We hosted our biggest community call ever with 1,100+ attendees! You don't want to miss the next one: join us on Discord to stay updated.
  • Apoorv Lathey built an Etherscan extension to open Zerion. Just right-click on any address link on etherscan.io and instantly open it on Zerion. Here's how it works.

To the moon and beyond 💙
Your friends at Zerion

P.S Remember you can always chat to us on Discord or tell us what you want to see on our public roadmap. For support, check out our help center.