TL;DR: A year ago, we introduced Zerion fees for swaps which laid the groundwork for our future as our first true revenue source. From today, we are expanding our fee program to include bridging. Additionally, Zerion Premium DNA holders will enjoy 0% fees, just as they do for swaps. In this post, we share all the details about this move.

The Best Bridges Backed Into Your Wallet

Bridging has become a vital onchain behavior in an increasingly mulitchain world. Zerion partnered with bridge aggregator Socket to make it simple to find the cheapest and fastest bridges in seconds.

Every time you bridge with Zerion wallet on mobile or our web app, we’ll scan 15+ different providers, including Stargate, Hop, Anyswap, and many of the most popular protocols so you get the best deal every time. You also have complete control over which bridge we use and can select which provider we use depending on the highest return or fastest transaction.

Zerion bridge
Bridging with Zerion

But Zerion does more than just transfer assets to another network. In the same transaction, you can choose different assets to send and receive, finding the optimal way to swap. You can also choose to receive assets on an entirely new address. This makes multichain transacting faster and cheaper with Zerion.

While we piloted this feature for free, each bridge transaction will now include a 0.8% fee, automatically paid in the asset you send. This is in line with the market standard.

Why fees?

In March 2022, we introduced swap fees to help solidify our business foundations and build for the long term.

We believe that self custody can help people across the world enjoy greater ownership, control, and choice. That’s why our core products are free to use — and will remain so. Meanwhile we also aim to build an independent and sustainable organization that will continue to advance our vision. Fees are a model that is working right now.

Fees for bridging are a logical jump for us. It’s a popular feature in Zerion and diversifies revenues beyond just trading. As more Layer-2 networks launch, this feature will likely see even greater demand.

Get 0% fees with Zerion Premium DNA

Good news! If you hold a Zerion Premium DNA, you get a lifetime 100% discount and can trade and bridge without any Zerion fees.

Zerion Premium DNA is the result of the merging of Zerion Genesis and Zerion DNA. While you can mint a regular Zerion DNA in your Zerion Wallet, the Premium DNA is only available on the secondary market. For example, you can buy Zerion Premium DNA on OpenSea.

The 100% discount on fees will not be the only benefit of holding Zerion Premium DNA.

Over the next few months, we will be launching the new premium version of Zerion for advanced trading and an even better Web3 experience. It will include things like advanced swap routing, P&L tracking for L2 networks, MEV protection, and more. All holders of Zerion Premium DNA will be the first to try those features.


Will Zerion charge fees for transfers through external bridges in the dapp browser?

Transactions on bridges in our dapp browser will not incur additional fees. Zerion fees are only added to transactions through the Zerion bridge aggregator. 

I have Zerion Genesis, do I get the fee waiver for the Zerion bridge?

No, as we announced in May 2023, the fee waiver and other benefits are transferred to Zerion Premium DNA.

I hold a Zerion Premium DNA, do I get the fee waiver in all my addresses?

No, you only get the fee waiver for the address that holds the NFT. Once we launch the new premium program, there will be ways to add benefits to more than one address.

If I move the Zerion Premium DNA, would I get the fee waiver for the new address?

Yes, you always get the fee waiver (and any other benefits) for the address that holds a Zerion Premium DNA.

I hold a Zerion Premium DNA. Why do I still see a bridge fee in the list of bridge options?

Many bridges and DEXes (if you choose to receive a different asset) charge their own fees. However, Zerion always finds you the cheapest route, taking into account third-party fees and gas costs.