Zerion Wallet has some of the most comprehensive portfolio management features across 10+ networks: bridge aggregation, portfolio tracking, DEX swapping, and more. Every week, the list of Zerion’s integrations keeps expanding. Here’s a roundup of the latest integrations.

Zerion Wallet integration

Zunami Protocol integrated Zerion Wallet into its ‘connect a wallet’ button — now it’s even easier to connect your wallet.

Connect Zerion Wallet

Zunami Protocol is a cross-chain yield aggregator for stablecoin staking. You can supply liquidity to the most profitable stablecoin pools, rebalance and reinvest profits, increasing APY through auto-compounding. Zunami works with battle-tested DeFi protocols like Curve, Convex, and Frax.

Ask your favorite dapp or protocol to add the Zerion Wallet button!

Portfolio tracking highlights

Zerion tracks over 500 dapps and protocols. Here are some of the highlights from recent additions to the tracking capabilities.

Compound V3

Compound V3, the latest version of the algorithmic, autonomous interest rate protocol is now tracked in Zerion Wallet.

The new, streamlined version of Compound emphasizes security, capital efficiency, and user experience. While you won’t be earning interest on deposited assets (ETH, WBTC, LINK, UNI, or COMP), this collateral remains your property — nobody else can borrow or withdraw it. You'll be able to borrow more USDC, with less risk of liquidation.

Compound V3 in Zerion Wallet
Compound V3 in Zerion Wallet (See that star? That's Genesis Card)

Your deposits and rewards on Ethereum are now tracked in Zerion Wallet.

Sense Protocol

The Sense Protocol is a decentralized fixed-income protocol on Ethereum, allowing you to manage risk through fixed rates and future yield trading on existing yield bearing-assets.

You can lock in fixed returns by buying "principal tokens", get highly capital efficient upside exposure to rising rates by buying "yield tokens". Or you can provide liquidity to its "Space AMM" where all supplied capital is accruing interest even when trades are not taking place.

Sense Protocol in Zerion Wallet
Sense Protocol in Zerion Wallet

Your assets and rewards in Sense on Ethereum are now tracked in Zerion Wallet.


Pods offer low-risk protected vaults to make more with less overhead. Starting with ETH and options.

Their first strategy is Ethereum Volatility Vault, a low-risk product focused on ETH accumulation. It combines Lido's yield with weekly option strangles to earn more every time the ETH price bounces up or down.

Pods in Zerion Wallet
Pods in Zerion Wallet

Your deposited stETH and rewards are now tracked in Zerion Wallet.


Superfluid is a protocol for programmable money that introduces subscriptions, salaries and rewards to DAOs and Web3 businesses.

Superfluid lets you turn supported tokens into ‘super tokens’ that can be automatically streamed at a fixed rate per year, month, week, day, hour, or even second. You can use Superfluid’s dashboard to stream tokens to any address. Or you can dapps build on top of the protocol to DCA, join membership communities, and more.

Superfluid in Zerion Wallet
Superfluid in Zerion Wallet

Your Superfluid deposits on Avalanche are now tracked in Zerion Wallet.

But wait, there’s more

Here are the other dapps and protocols that are now included in portfolio tracking on Zerion.

Portfolio tracking on Ethereum

  • XY Finance is a one-stop cross-chain aggregator. You can swap tokens across chains, provide liquidity and earn rewards, and use XY Dispatcher to send tokens to hundreds of addresses in one transaction. Your locked and staked tokens as well as rewards across multiple networks are now tracked in Zerion Wallet.
  • 0xSplits is an open-source, audited, non-upgradeable protocol for efficiently splitting on-chain income. Whenever a Split receives income, each recipient gets their share. Your Splits on Ethereum and Polygon are now tracked on Zerion.
  • Iron Bank is a decentralized lending platform focused on capital efficiency allowing protocols and individuals to supply and borrow crypto assets. Deposits and loans on Ethereum, Avalanche, and Optimism are now trackable.
  • DeFiner is a permissionless and configurable decentralized lending protocol with privacy 100% protected. Your pools on Ethereum and Polygon are now tracked in Zerion.
  • The Granary is a cross-chain lending market inspired by Aave. Deposits and loans on Ethereum, Avalanche, and Optimism are now tracked in Zerion.

Portfolio tracking on Polygon

  • CompliFi lets you trade on-chain options, insured tokens, and 5x perpetuals with no defaults, margin calls, or liquidations. You can also provide liquidity to automatically issue a wide range of derivatives, generating trading fees through market making. Your pools on Polgyon are now tracked in Zerion.

Portfolio tracking on BNB Chain

  • Baryon Network is a DEX on BNB Smart Chain to swap, stake, farm, and build on top. Liquidity pools are now trackable in Zerion Wallet.
  • Cone.Exchange is a ve(3,3) DEX with low fees and strategies to maximize yields. Farming pools and $CONE rewards are now trackable.
  • Aequinox is a community-driven decentralized exchange that supports multi-token and weighted pools. Your LPs are now tracked.

Portfolio tracking on Avalanche

  • Hubble Exchange is a ​​multi-collateral/cross-margin perpetual futures protocol on Avalanche. Liquidity providers earn trading fees, funding payments, and liquidity mining rewards. You can now track your pools in Zerion.

Portfolio tracking on Optimism

Zerion, the best wallet for Optimism, now also tracks:

  • Premia is a decentralized options protocol with market-driven pricing and capital efficient returns for all. Your pools and rewards are now tracked in Zerion.
  • Alpha Homora V2 is a multichain lending & leveraged yield farming platform. Your Optimism farms are now tracked in Zerion Wallet.

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