We unveil Tokenary, our new and simple iOS and Mac wallet for Ethereum and token management, to provide a memorable and seamless experience for Ethereum wallets everywhere.

As cryptocurrency markets mature and digital assets become more of a daily routine, Ethereum and token owners need an easy-to-use wallet that supports frequent consumption, similar to how they would use a credit card. Switching to blockchain-based finance and services should be more simple and convenient for users than it is.

Customers who are frustrated with long bank delays and high fees will only switch to blockchain-based platforms if they are straightforward enough to adopt. The Tokenary wallet addresses this by giving users of the app all of the tools they need to easily manage their digital assets.

Tokenary combines two key benefits that put it ahead of the competition: It synchronizes user wallets and portfolios across all Apple devices via an iCloud, and it is effortless to use.

Private keys are always kept on-device, keeping them secure from any privacy breach. Making products convenient and accessible are two of the most important things for customers. Tokenary embraces this approach and wants to give users who are accustomed to simplicity the smoothest experience of any Ethereum wallet out there. Successful platforms promise to make life easier and better for users at every step, and Tokenary is a gateway to employ this standard for all transactions conducted with Ethereum.

Many Ethereum and token owners today possess a variety of wallets and accounts. Tokenary syncs all of their activity across their Apple devices. This is especially convenient for the increasingly busy work life of today, so that even during exercise or on your commute, users can seamlessly execute transactions, whenever and wherever they need to.

Moreover, whether it is on their iPhone, iPad, or Mac, the app sends notifications for all important wallet activity. Additionally, the app automatically detects any ERC-20 tokens on all accounts, taking away the need for users to add them manually once the address is connected. This feature also gives the user full control over their private keys to the funds to prevent any possible security breaches.

“It is exciting to finally bring Tokenary to our users. We always aim to create the simplest services possible, and I believe that with this app we’ll get closer to a wider adoption of cryptocurrencies,” says Ivan Grachev, our lead Tokenary developer. “People are more likely to employ something into their everyday lives if it has a smooth way of operating, which is exactly what Zerion wants to offer all users transacting with Ethereum. This should be the new standard of blockchain-based financial services.”

You can download it on the Apple Store for Mac and the iOS App Store for iPhone and iPad.