Many blockchain applications today have vast technological potential and capable developers behind them, but mainstream adoption requires something more: smooth, likable interfaces that bring the people onto a blockchain-based platform, where the underlying tech matters less than the usability of the product. This is crucial for the expansion of the industry. That is why we are opening up our Web3Swift library as the one-stop starting point to make solid and smooth decentralized applications (“DApps”) for iOS users.

Zerion is a team of blockchain enthusiasts. This has always been at our core. We have developed the CryptoTrader and Tokenary mobile applications for iOS users, and we write smart contracts for our tokenization partners. We have participated and won a set of hackathons in the blockchain space, and through our clients, we have accumulated experience with native user-friendly interfaces.

Now, we want to invite you to work with us on the future of user-friendly iOS DApps that interact with the Ethereum blockchain.

A big issue for integrating Ethereum functionality with mobile apps is that they are built on a JavaScript interface. This makes implementation in iOS easy but does not facilitate smart contracts and other blockchain-based services. Many developers are left with having to use Javascript hacks. Instead, we provide a Web3Swift infrastructure to combine a fast and pleasing user experience with Ethereum interoperability.

Our library provides the basic building blocks that enable Ethereum functions in a Web3Swift environment, which developers can then build their apps on. We have made it very straightforward for any smart contract to interact with our library.

The code base is atomic and offers all functions needed for the Ethereum network. It allows developers to take any modules and combine them for their own needs, all of which is written in simple yet highly effective Swift code. This makes creating a demo for how a new app would interact with the Ethereum network easier than ever before.

A Swift developer with a great new idea for a decentralized application can now easily use our library to create an MVP with smart contract-based services. The library also makes it easy to experiment with apps for community-driven protocols such as 0x or Airswap, and for new kinds of interactions with collectables like CryptoKitties.

Check out our open source library in its current alpha stage here.

Here is a basic example of how to perform sending some Ethers from a user account to another address.

We have been developing our web3 swift library for half a year to now share it with the community. The main library architect and developer has been Timofey Solonin, with contributions from Vadim Koleoshkin, our CBDO, Anton Kondrashov, and Mikhail Yakushin. We are proud to release it and move to the next stage of blockchain development by collaborating with our growing community of users and developers.

If you want to go further than build off of our library and join the team in working on the exciting future blockchain tech can bring, email [email protected] now!