Track the entire DeFi market from the same place you track your portfolio 🚀

We are incredibly excited to announce the complete redesign of our product. When you visit Zerion, you’ll now see the new Explore and Market tabs which give you an overview of the DeFi market, including top-performing yield farming tokens, TokenSets and liquidity pools.

Zerion now has a sleeker, simpler interface that prioritizes functionality and avoids clutter.

A unique moment

If the past 6 months have revealed anything, it’s that decentralized finance is disrupting crypto in a big way. The total value locked in DeFi protocols has crossed the $3 billion mark, decentralized exchanges are seeing record volumes (just the other day, surpassed Kraken), lending markets are booming with the emergence of yield farming, and on-chain analytics reveal BTC gradually migrating to the Ethereum blockchain.

Monthly DEX Volume by Project

As the market explodes, so does the demand for platforms that simplify the DeFi user experience and make it easier for people to fully participate in this new economy.

The DeFi experience, reimagined

Zerion’s new features signify a major shift in how we cater for an evolving landscape of user needs. We’ve redesigned the flow of our navigation to enable users to track the entire DeFi market from the same place they build and track their portfolio.

Asset pages

Ampleforth token on Zerion

While the Overview page remains the familiar dashboard to your DeFi portfolio, we’ve created individual asset pages for every DeFi token. You can now click on the tokens you own to see their historical performance, key metrics and relevant project information. The Explore and Market pages also allow you to directly filter or search assets by name, type and performance.

Over the past few months, we’ve been working hard to add support for as many protocols as possible. This is why you can now track just about every major DeFi token on Zerion.

Explore page

Explore DeFi with Zerion

At Zerion, we’ve always focused on features that make DeFi portfolio management easier — this includes full wallet history, advanced ROI metrics like Return vs HODLing, and support for every major DeFi instrument across different protocols.

However, we see a clear gap in the market when it comes to a) the discovery of new assets and b) comparing the returns of different assets.

Whether you’re completely new to decentralized finance or a seasoned DeFi investor, the discovery and analysis of different financial instruments is an integral part of how you manage your portfolio.

This is why the Explore page offers a dynamic overview of trending assets and protocols, including reward tokens from yield farming, TokenSets and liquidity pools.

Market page

View the DeFi market on Zerion

A few months ago, our team launched using our open-source library of smart contracts called DeFi SDK. What started off as a fun weekend project for the founders of Zerion quickly grew into a useful tool for thousands of DeFi users. We wanted to extend this concept by enabling Zerion users to track the DeFi market from the same place they track their portfolio.

The Market page gives you an overview of the performance of every DeFi token, with consideration for extra detail such as the ability to filter assets by historical performance and view category tags. Now, instead of checking multiple sources to keep up to date with the market, Zerion aggregates this information for you.

The most comprehensive mobile app for DeFi

These major changes aren’t limited to our web interface. The Zerion mobile apps on Android and iOS have also received a complete redesign, with the addition of the Explore, Market and asset pages.

Zerion mobile app


Our goal is to become the one place where you can discover, buy, sell and track every DeFi asset.

A big part of achieving this goal is unifying our backend integrations with a seamless interface to match. In the past, we’ve been recognized for our attention to design — first winning a UX award at DevCon Osaka 5 and then winning Crypto AM’s UX/UI Award.

We couldn’t be more thrilled to be shaping the future of DeFi.