We’re excited to announce that we’ve just added Wintermute as a liquidity provider on Zerion. As a leading global algorithmic market maker, Wintermute offers minimal slippage, low gas costs and deep liquidity from centralized exchanges.

The quote comparison feature on our web and mobile apps allows you to see exactly how much you’re paying for a trade, and why. Wintermute will now appear under the “Zerion” tag in the list of available liquidity sources.

Why Wintermute?

Wintermute operates as a market maker for centralized and decentralized exchanges. They support over 3,000 pairs and see an average of $6 billion traded per day from 4–5 million transactions.

In the DeFi world, Wintermute is quickly becoming a key player with a proven record for providing deep liquidity when it matters most — they’ve helped bootstrap several DEXs and have assisted in the smooth execution of large-scale Covid relief efforts.

“Wintermute is thrilled to be working together with the Zerion team! We believe that an all-in-one front-end interface for DeFi is the best way forward for retail adoption.” — Yuriy Myronovych, Head of DeFi at Wintermute

Wintermute promises

  • access to broader liquidity, including centralized exchanges,
  • minimal slippage from leveraging multiple pools of liquidity, and
  • lower gas costs.

On-chain liquidity is evolving fast. With this integration, we’re leveraging a centralized liquidity source to make decentralized investing a better experience for everyone.

Wintermute quote for WBTC/USD pair on Paraswap, showing lower slippage than most decentralized exchanges.