Here’s what we’ve been up to 🚀

August brought us the London Hard Fork, Visa’s first CryptoPunk and regulatory action fit for a Netflix show. Here’s to an eventful September 💪

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Two steps closer to L2. We added support for Optimism and Arbitrum balances, extending the list of L2 chains already supported for portfolio tracking:

  • Loopring
  • Polygon Network
  • Binance Smart Chain

Full multi-chain integrations coming soon!

Uniswap V3 liquidity. Hello cheaper trades! Uniswap V3 is now an official liquidity source, with auto detection for almost every ERC20 token.

Send crypto on Zerion

Send from asset pages. The send button is now easily found on every asset page. Transfer funds between wallets in just a few clicks!

Actions menu on iOS and Android. Send and receive crypto, top up your wallet in 170+ countries and more. It’s DeFi in your pocket 🙂

Finimize-ing DeFi. Looking for beginner-friendly articles to send to your friends? Check out our latest series on Finimize:

Community love 🥰

  • Zerion x Axie SF meetup. Thank you to everyone who attended our meetup!
  • “Seems like we lost her” x10. We hosted our community call for the first time on Twitter Spaces and had something of an adventure — but what’s DeFi without a little experimentation? Tell us on Discord where you think we should host our next call.
  • Big shout-out to Mehdi for volunteering Farsi translations as part of our community grants!
  • We’ll be at Mainnet from 19–21 September in New York. Let us know if you want to hangout!

Got feedback? We’d love to hear from you — chat to us on Discord or tell us what you want to see on our public roadmap. For support, check out our help center.