🚀 Here’s what we’ve been up to this past year.

As we wrap up one crazy year, let’s take a moment to celebrate some major wins:

  • DeFi SDK, our open-source library of smart contracts, became the easiest way for developers to add protocols to dapps
  • Zerion got a facelift, proving that DeFi can be both simple and pretty
  • Our execution engine got a major boost — we now aggregate across every major liquidity source, offering single-transaction trades at the best rates
  • We shipped automatic profit and loss calculations for every asset
  • Enjoying DeFi in the dark [finally] became a reality on both our mobile and web apps
  • We became the first native mobile app for DeFi 🎉

2020 was undoubtedly the year DeFi exploded, and the numbers reflect this:

  • Monthly active users on Zerion grew 12x from December 2019
  • $18 million in volume has moved through our Invest page since launching in late September
  • Our mobile apps now have over 16K+ active users

We couldn’t be more excited, driven and committed to continue our work in 2021 — and we have you, our community, to thank for making Zerion what it is today 💙


Connect your mobile crypto wallet to Zerion
  • Mobile, say hello to DeFi: We recently became the first app to enable users to connect any mobile wallet and sign transactions without giving up custody. This is a major milestone for the community and marks the beginning of simplified access to the world of DeFi. Read the full announcement post here.
  • Watchlists on mobile: Separate your personal wallets from the wallets you watch with this slick new feature.
  • Get Zerion mobile in Chinese: As always, thank you to our community of volunteers who made this translation happen!

Protocol and asset updates

New liquidity pools:

Direct staking support:

  • DeFi Pulse Index
  • PieDAO
  • Akropolis

Track and trade:

  • Aave V2 collateral (aTokens)
  • The Graph Token
  • Badger
  • Axie Infinity
  • xSushi

… plus dozens of other ERC20s requested on roadmap.zerion.io

Got feedback? We’d love to hear from you! Chat to us on Discord or vote for new tokens and features on our public roadmap.