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Zerion Community Grants

This month, we launched the first round of Zerion Community Grants. Calling all meme lords, content kings and data degens — it’s your time to shine!

Apply in under 5 minutes. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.


Wintermute is now a liquidity provider on Zerion

Wintermute is now a liquidity source on Zerion

Hello, deep liquidity. Wintermute is a leading global algorithmic market maker that processes over $6 billion per day across 50 venues. Adding Wintermute to Zerion’s execution engine means you can expect minimal slippage and lower gas fees. Read more.

It gets better. Paraswap, an advanced decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator, has also joined the growing list of liquidity providers on Zerion.

Quick bits

  • We joined Alchemy’s Certified Infrastructure Alliance.
  • Zerion is now a Gnosis “Safe App” — allowing DAOs, teams and individuals to invest and manage their portfolios directly from the Gnosis Safe interface.
  • TrustWallet’s iOS dapp browser is being phased out, but you still have full control over your funds on Zerion. Learn more.
  • Together with Definition Media, 1inch and Rarible, we helped organize Moscow’s first DeFi hackathon!

Protocol & asset updates

In the (Russian) media

  • Why DeFi. Listen to CEO Evgeny Yurtaev’s chat with Mark Develman from Den of Rich.
  • Making Sense of DeFi using Zerion’s infrastructure. Watch CTO Alexey Bashlykov’s talk at the Definition Meetup in Moscow.