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What is crypto staking?

Staking is one of the easiest ways to earn passive income as a DeFi investor. It’s also the biggest feature we shipped this month:

  • Get automatic staking detection on almost every asset you hold
  • See a detailed breakdown of rewards across protocols
  • Claim your staked tokens in a few clicks

Getting started? We created a friendly guide to staking that finally cuts through all the jargon:


Uniswap V3

Uniswap V3 — what it means for Zerion

Hello, cheaper trades. Uniswap V3 took automated market making to a new level with several advanced improvements. Zerion users get instant access to cheaper trades. You can also track all your V3 positions — stay tuned for a full integration.

Protocol and asset updates

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Two Zerion rockstars just graduated college. Congratulations, Abi and Rebecca (we’ll pretend she didn’t write this) 🎉