Eth 2.0, here we come 🚀

What a month! ETH just crossed the $600 mark (again); now, less than 24 hours before launch, Eth 2.0 is already among the largest Proof of Stake blockchains. What can we say? It’s an exciting time to #BUIDL in DeFi.

Pro tip: The fact that you can connect multiple non-interactive wallets to Zerion means you’re free to track wallets that aren’t yours. This includes smart contract addresses, whales, and even the wallets of active hackers, as Edward Morra discovered a few months ago:

Watch the address on Zerion


  • Automatic profit and loss: The major highlight this month goes to our new ROI metrics embedded on every asset page. Say goodbye to your spreadsheets, because we’ll do the math for you on profit, loss, average cost, daily return and paid network fees. This feature is also available on our Android and iOS apps.
  • Check out the new Exchange page: We source liquidity from every major decentralized exchange and automated market maker, which means you can now swap any asset, liquidity pool or derivative to any other token in just a few clicks.
  • Dark mode is now in beta: Join our beta club on Discord to get early access to our most requested feature.

Protocol and asset updates

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