We’re excited to announce that Zerion now supports Lens Protocol, the decentralized, non-custodial, social graph that makes it easy to build communities in web3. When you create content on Lens, you own it, you control it, you take it with you from app to app, and you decide how it’s monetized, without the involvement of a third party.

Users can search, discover, and follow Lens profiles on the Zerion web app. On top of that, users can send tokens and NFTs to a Lens handle, such as zerion.lens, which improves the social side of the user experience more than just identifying recipients by their wallet address.

Zerion is continuing its mission to build the best wallet for web3 active citizens by leveraging data and an amazing UX.

“As more users look to break free from traditional web2 platforms, decentralized social networks become more necessary than ever.  Our integration with Lens is key to increasing the social experience on Zerion. We’re thrilled to work closely with such an innovative team.” – Alexander Guy, Head of Marketing & Growth at Zerion

Lens Protocol is a fully open source tech stack for the web3 community to build decentralized social apps on. It allows creators to truly own their content, taking it wherever they go on-chain, all the while having better monetization and creativity tools at their disposal.

“Zerion allows yet another way for users to access the Lens Protocol making it more accessible than ever,” said Stani Kulechov, Founder of Lens Protocol and CEO of the Aave Companies, “The Aave Companies is excited to have Lens community members utilize Zerion’s social web3 wallet to stay on tops of the latest trends.”

Although Lens is currently in closed beta, the protocol has produced almost 3M gasless transactions across 70k profiles including web3 builders, DAOs, authors, and creators.

Claim a free Lens handle

In celebration of our collaboration, Lens Protocol is giving early access to Lens to the Zerion community!

Users holding an active Zerion DNA (Dynamic NFT Avatar) in their wallet, before 27-09-2022, will be eligible to claim a Lens profile handle.  

An active Zerion DNA means that the NFT has been minted through the Zerion Wallet – not purchased from a marketplace – and has an active attribute, i.e. evolved from performing transactions in the wallet.

In addition, this is a 4-week campaign which gives our Zerion DNA holders the chance to win the following prizes each week!

  • 2 Zerion Genesis NFT Card (Common - gives you zero fees until March 26, 2023)
  • 2 Zerion Genesis NFT Card (Rare - gives you zero fees, forever)
  • 1 rAAVE ticket for DevCon 2022 in Bogota

To participate, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Claim your Lens profile: claim.lens.xyz
  2. Set your Lens pfp to your Zerion DNA. Learn how to get DNA: https://zerion.io/dna
  3. Follow Zerion on Lens: https://lenster.xyz/u/zerion.lens
  4. Click “Collect” (4th button underneath this post) for 0.69 wMATIC
  5. You can “Mirror” this post (2nd button) and earn 4.5% commission on every referral collector attributable to you

Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Discord, and Lenster for updates on the campaign and the lucky winners!

About Lens Protocol

The Lens Protocol is a Web3 social graph on the Polygon Proof-of-Stake blockchain designed to empower creators to own the links between themselves and their community, forming a fully composable, user-owned social graph. The protocol is built from the ground up with modularity in mind, allowing new features and fixes to be added while ensuring immutable user-owned content and social relationships. Lens currently has over 100 applications built on top of it. Learn more at https://lens.xyz