More opportunities to borrow, stake and earn with DeFi’s latest money market

We’re excited to announce that we’ve integrated Liquity Protocol, a new decentralized borrowing protocol that offers interest-free liquidity. As Liquity’s first fully integrated launch partner, Zerion now lets you:

Alongside our existing Compound and Maker integrations, Liquity offers Zerion users a new way to borrow, stake and earn. This launch comes at a time when the DeFi community is eager for more efficient, secure borrowing protocols. Thanks to its novel liquidation mechanism combined with 100% algorithmic governance, Liquity presents one of the most innovative DeFi money markets to date.

Efficient, interest-free borrowing on Zerion

LUSD is Liquity’s fully-redeemable stablecoin. To borrow LUSD on Zerion, head over to the Borrow page and create a new loan with a minimum collateral ratio of 150%.

Borrow Liquity’s LUSD stablecoin on Zerion

Liquity utilizes a unique liquidation mechanism and relies on algorithmic monetary policy. This means the protocol does not need to pass capital costs to borrowers, nor does it rely on interest rates to regulate the supply of LUSD.

Instead, borrowers incur a one-time fee as a percentage of their drawn amount. The rate of this fee is automatically determined by the protocol based on continuously adjusting redemption volumes.

New staking and yield-farming opportunities

There’s one more perk to this integration: Zerion’s simple UI makes yield farming a breeze. Below we’ll walk through 3 staking opportunities:

Uniswap LP Staking

  1. Supply liquidity to the LUSD/ETH liquidity pool
  2. Stake your LUSD/ETH pool shares to earn LQTY
Uniswap LUSD/ETH liquidity pool

Deposit LUSD into the Liquity Stability Pool

When you deposit LUSD to Liquity’s Stability Pool, you become a “Stability Provider” and are eligible to gain from liquidations on the protocol. You’ll also receive early adopter rewards in the form of LQTY tokens. Simply head over to the LUSD asset page on Zerion, buy LUSD, and stake your tokens directly from the interface.

Stake LQTY to earn LUSD and ETH

When you deposit LQTY into the Liquity Staking contract, you’ll start earning a pro-rata share of the borrowing and redemption fees on the Liquity protocol in LUSD and ETH.

Stake LQTY on Zerion

At Zerion, we’ve built a powerful DeFi asset management tool that has prioritized seamless aggregation and ease of use since day one. With this integration, we’re expanding our existing value proposition to our users in a big way: we’re not just the DeFi interface that lets you track your entire portfolio or trade at the best rates, we’re also the interface that gives you faster and better access to unique investment opportunities.

💡 Find out more about Liquity Protocol: