A ‘wallet’ often seems like the wrong word for how users invest, engage, stake, collect, and trade in Web3 today.

Your “real" wallet in your pocket only holds what you put in it. But your Web3 wallet also acts as your membership card, social media profile, browser, and more. All baked together in one app.

This complexity and universality can also be a problem. You often don’t even know what your wallet is capable of or what you’ve earned.

That’s why we’re launching Zerion Perks: opportunities that come to you, right in your wallet.

What are the Perks in the Zerion Wallet?

Perks is the new tab in Zerion Wallet that shows what your address can do based on your on-chain profile.

The most obvious things are airdrops and whitelist opportunities:

  • If you tried new networks, protocols, or dapps, your address could be eligible for their token airdrops
  • If you hold certain NFTs, your address could be automatically whitelisted for new mints and early access claims

But you first need to hear about these opportunities somewhere, usually on Twitter or Telegram.

With Zerion, you simply open your wallet and check the Perks tab. It will show what you can do with your wallet now.

Initially, these Perks are based on Daylight’s aggregations of airdrops, mints, and unlocks, as well as custom opportunities from Zerion’s partners.

How to get more Perks

If you create a new address to test Zerion Wallet, your Perks screen will be empty.

That’s because Perks are based on your on-chain profile. If you hold certain NFTs, interact with some dapps and protocols, and generally have a rich transaction history — all that can unlock new opportunities.

So it’s best to import your existing wallet address into Zerion. Then the Perks tab might show other opportunities you didn’t even know existed!

It’s another reason to move from connecting to importing your existing wallets into Zerion:

  • Watched wallet — you can add any address to your portfolio (it will be in “My Watchlist”)
  • Connected wallet — any external wallet (MetaMask, Argent, Rainbow, etc) that you connect to Zerion by signing a message
  • Imported wallet — a wallet you import into Zerion with a seed phrase or private key. This gives you the freedom to sign any transaction right in Zerion and shows your Perks.

If you have several wallets, you can import them all to Zerion. When you import, you can, of course, still, use those addresses in other wallet apps if you want.

Onchain partnerships for Web3 projects

The launch of Zerion Perks also creates a new avenue for partnerships. Perks open access to Zerion’s on-chain brand universe to those who share our values.

Web3 is a vast and ever-expanding space. WAGMI, moonshots, and Lambos are just one part of the story. There are many side quests in NFTs, DeFi, DAOs, regen, and other niches. At Zerion, we want to be a trusted guide to this space and will be happy to point Zers to that quest-giver of yours.

By partnering with Zerion and offering Perks to Zerion users, you can get:

  • Direct access to 169,000 Zerion Wallet users, all of whom are active Web3 citizens,
  • Promotion in the Zerion blog, Twitter (150k followers), Discord (45k members), Zerion.Lens, the monthly email update, and more,
  • Custom integrations — if your product or protocol can add value to Zerion users, we can integrate it into the wallet. For example, in Zerion apps you can search addresses by Lens profiles

In return, we’ll ask you to make Zerion Wallet the top connect or sign-in option in your product.

You can easily add a Zerion Wallet button on desktops with WalletConnect and many other libraries. On mobile, we’ll help you to connect Zerion Wallet via the built-in Dapp Browser.