Zerion is a smart wallet that can bring together all your wallets and addresses and help you manage your entire DeFi and NFT portfolio.

In this post, we’ll show you how to move your MetaMask into Zerion Wallet — and why it's worth doing it.

Why import MetaMask into Zerion Wallet

First, you’re not required to import your existing MetaMask wallet into Zerion Wallet.

You can simply connect your address to Zerion and track your assets. The easiest way is to just pick MetaMask on the ‘Connect Wallet’ page in the Zerion web app and sign the transaction. After that, Zerion will show all assets in your MetaMask address. However, you’ll still need to open MetaMask every time you need to sign any transaction, even if you trade via Zerion.

Importing addresses to Zerion gives you more freedom. Essentially, your existing MetaMask address moves to Zerion Wallet with all its NFTs, DeFi positions, and the whole history.

After you import your MetaMask wallet, you’ll be able to use Zerion Wallet to:

  • Swap any assets — including LP tokens and Aave’s aTokens — at the best rate using Zerion’s trading aggregation, often saving on gas,
  • Connect your address to any dapp on mobile or desktop using WalletConnect,
  • Sign any transaction on any network and any device with just the Zerion app.

Plus, Zerion Wallet takes care of all little but important things.

All L1/L2 networks are enabled right away

With Zerion Wallet, there is no need to mess with RPC settings for Arbitrum, Optimism, and all the other networks.

For example, if a friend wants to send you some USDC on Avalanche or Polygon, you can simply give them their address. The tokens will appear in your Zerion Wallet even if you’ve never used that network.

All tokens immediately show up

Zerion Wallet automatically displays all your assets (no more adding tokens via smart contract addresses).

If you buy any brand new DeFi token, it will immediately show up in your Zerion Wallet. Meanwhile, all the random scam tokens are filtered out from your portfolio view.

NFTs are tracked as part of your portfolio

Zerion Wallet shows your NFTs with media, metadata, and the latest or floor prices.

You can include NFTs to show up as part of your total portfolio. And when you sell an NFT it is actually removed and the value of the portfolio is updated.

Of course, if you import your MetaMask to Zerion, you can still use that address in both wallet apps.

Now that you know why it makes sense to import a wallet into Zerion, let’s see how you can actually do this.

Steps to importing MetaMask into Zerion Wallet

You have two options for importing MetaMask:

  • Import with MetaMask’s recovery phrase — this imports all your addresses created with that seed phrase
  • Import with a private key — this imports the individual address for that particular key.

Import MetaMask via recovery phrase

Here are the steps to importing MetaMask with the recovery phrase (aka Secret Recovery Phrase):

1. Open MetaMask, enter your password

Click on the three dots and then ‘Expanded view’. That way, the wallet will open in a browser tab, making it easier to navigate.

2. Click through to MetaMask’s Settings

Then click ‘Security & privacy’ in the menu on the right. Click the red button that says ‘Reveal Secret Recovery Phrase’.

How to find secret recovery phrase in MetaMask
How to find secret recovery phrase in MetaMask

You’ll see warnings and will be asked to enter your password. After that you’ll see the 12 words of your recovery phrase. Keep that tab open but don’t copy the words and don’t save them.

Secret recovery phrase in MetaMask
Secret recovery phrase in MetaMask

3. Open the Zerion Wallet app, navigate to the import wallet screen

First, click on the wallet icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Select ‘Import existing wallet’.

4. Enter your seed phrase into Zerion

Manually enter words from your recovery phrase shown in your MetaMask tab. You can also copy and paste your phrase but it’s safer to do it manually (that way nobody can intercept it in the middle).

Importing a wallet into Zerion with the recovery phrase
Importing a wallet into Zerion with the recovery phrase

Zerion will predict each word based on the first four letters. That’s because the words in recovery phrases come from a special list of words (none of them have more than 3 first letters in common).

5. Select the addresses you want to import.

You’ll see all the addresses that are associated with your MetaMask’s recovery phrase.

Importing addresses into Zerion Wallet
Importing addresses into Zerion Wallet

Even if you only used one address (aka ‘Account 1’), you’ll still see a long list of addresses that are derived from your phrase. Just select the ones you need.

That’s it!

If you want to import just one address, you can do this with the private key for that address.

Import MetaMask via private key

Here are the steps to importing an individual MetaMask address with the private key.

1. Open MetaMask, enter your password

Click on the three dots and then ‘Account details’.

Account details in MetaMask
Account details in MetaMask

2. Export private key

Click ‘Export private key’. You’ll need to enter your password.

4. Open the Zerion Wallet app and navigate to the import wallet screen

Click on the wallet icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Select ‘Import existing wallet’.

5. Enter your private key into Zerion

You can copy and paste from MetaMask but it’s safer to just enter it manually. This one is harder to enter than a recovery phrase but you only need to do it once.

If you correctly entered your private key, the associated address will show in your Zerion Wallet. Congrats!

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