zkSync is the most developed zero-knowledge rollup with a thriving ecosystem of assets and DeFi platforms. In this post, we’ll examine what coins are available on zkSync to provide liquidity and trade. 

First, you’ll need a wallet for zkSync like Zerion, which automatically tracks all your tokens, DeFi positions, and NFTs. Zerion is available as a mobile app, browser extension, and also a web app where you can connect your existing wallets. 

Now that you have a wallet let’s see what you can put in it. 

Stablecoin and wrapped assets

The most liquid tokens on zkSync are stablecoins and bridged large-cap assets from mainnet Ethereum. 

You can also find several large-cap assets in their wrapped versions: 

  • WBTC — wrapped Bitcoin 
  • LINK — bridged Link token
  • MATIC — bridged MATIC 
  • TONCOIN — wrapped TON 

Several liquid staked tokens are available on zkSync: 

  • wstETH — Lido’s staked ETH
  • rETH — representing the staked ETH with Rocket Pool
  • ezETH — the liquid restaked ETH by Renzo Protocol

For pairs, you can find all major stablecoins: USDC, USDT, and DAI.

These tokens won’t 10x but are great for providing liquidity with relatively low risk. 

DeFi tokens on zkSync

Several zkSync-native DeFi protocols already launched their tokens.

  • KOI — a token by Koi Finance, a decentralized exchange, farming platform, bond and platform. Before rebranding, this DEX was known as Mute.io 
  • iZi — a token by iZUMi Finance, another DEX on zkSync Era
  • HOLD — the governance token of Holdstation's ecosystem, centered around a smart contract wallet for futures trading on zkSync 
  • MAV — a token by Maverick Protocol, a DEX that maximizes capital efficiency for liquidity providers. 

All these tokens have relatively low market capitalizations and much lower liquidity than bridged assets. At the same time, these coins have potentially higher upsides, especially if zkSync Era continues to grow. 

zkSync memecoins 

Memecoins are everywhere and zkSync Era is not exception.  

While most chains have dog coins, zkSync leans towards cats and these two coins have the most liquidity: 

  • MEOW — Zeek Coin, the leading cat coin on zkSync 
  • ZORRO —  the “fat cat” memecoin 

Of course, like any other meme coin, these coins can go to zero. There are no fundamentals and the price is based purely on attention (and the fun when the price goes up). 

Where to buy tokens on zkSync? 

All these tokens are available across different exchanges on zkSync, sometimes with different prices. 

The easiest way to buy any zkSync coins is with Zerion Wallet’s built-in swap. Select the token you want to buy and the token you want to pay with, and Zerion will find the best route to take to execute this trade. 

Swaps on zkSync with Zerion Wallet
Zerion Wallet can find the best rates for swaps on zkSync

What’s next 

This post listed all major wrapped coins, stablecoins, DeFi tokens, and memecoins on zkSync Era. 

You can provide liquidity on DEXes, trade, or buy and hold. It’s up to you to decide what to do with these tokens. One thing is clear: zkSync will continue to grow.