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What makes zkSync Era different?

Developed by Matter Labs, zkSync Era is a Layer 2 network that performs transactions outside of the Ethereum blockchain.

As a rollup, zkSync Era regularly submits batches of these transactions as a summary on the mainnet blockchain. However, unlike optimistic rollups (e.g., Optimism or Arbitrum), zkSync Era verifies the correctness of transactions and then produces validity proofs (aka zero-knowledge proofs). Once the proofs for a block are submitted, its transactions are considered final.
From the user and developer perspective, zkSync Era Era is made to look and feel like the Ethereum mainnet. It’s fully EVM-compatible. Smart contracts are written in Solidity or Vyper, and deployment requires no permissions. You pay ETH for gas — and don’t need much because transactions are very cheap.

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What is zkSync Era?

zkSync Era is a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum, utilizing zero-knowledge proofs to offer low gas fees and high security while maintaining Ethereum's EVM compatibility.

What wallet supports zkSync?

Multiple wallets support zkSync, including Zerion, MetaMask, Argent, and Rainbow. However, only Zerion Wallet has full support for zkSync Era with automatic tracking of all tokens, DeFi positions, and NFTs.

How do I add zkSync to my wallet?

For wallets like MetaMask, you may need to manually add zkSync by entering its network details. In Zerion Wallet, zkSync Era is enabled right out of the box by default. Just bridge some ETH or any other asset to zkSync and it will automatically show up in your Zerion Wallet.

How do I add USDC to zkSync?

To add USDC to zkSync, bridge USDC from any other network to zkSync wallet using Zerion’s bridge aggregator or any other bridge service. After that, USDC will automatically show up in your wallet — just like any other token.