Blockchain is supposed to be transparent, but digging into on-chain data isn’t so easy.

It used to be even harder to get instant alerts for on-chain actions such as transfers, swaps, or mints. People spun up nodes, built Telegram bots, and tinkered with Etherscan and its analogues on other chains. And the result usually wasn’t reliable.

Zerion changes this: now anyone can set up instant alerts for any address on any major EVM network. Any time the address trades, mints, or sends an asset, you’ll get a notification on your phone.

In this post, we’ll show you why you should use alerts and how to do this with Zerion Wallet.

Why use alerts

The idea is simple: when an Ethereum address does something, you get a notification.

You can use it for your wallets or watch what somebody else does, finding your own alpha.

Notifications for your wallets

For your addresses, it’s useful to immediately get alerts when:

  • Somebody sends tokens to you
  • Your transactions are confirmed on-chain
  • Some of your tokens suddenly start moving — that could be an attack!

With alerts, you save time on manually looking up transactions in Etherscan or its version for other EVM networks.

Screenshots of push notifications for send, trade, mint with Zerion Wallet
Select with notifications you want to get with Zerion Wallet

It’s even better to use alerts for others’ wallets.

Finding alpha with notifications for on-chain actions

You can watch any influencer, whale or OG address and get alerts when they:

  • Trade tokens — you can see which tokens they are selling and which ones they are accumulating
  • Mint NFTs — you can also try to mint those or at least look deeper into those collections
  • Trade NFTs — based on what they do, you might sweep floors or de-risk by selling those JPEGs
  • Send tokens to new addresses — those could be their other wallets, or it could be some deals

However, be careful with blindly copy-trading public influencer addresses. You could become the exit liquidity for their bigger, private addresses. It’s best to gradually collect your list of addresses to watch — copying what everyone sees is likely NGMI.

One exception is addresses controlled by hackers or bankrupt entities. Hackers (and bankruptcy admins) don’t care about the price or slippage and can temporarily crash prices. Bots know this and could follow the trend, buy the dip, or simply front-run trades. Even if you won’t trade this, it’s helpful to see an alert and better understand what’s happening with the market.

If you’re too lazy to find addresses, just watch your friends’ wallets. For any degen, seeing what someone mints or trades is surely more interesting than checking out their latest avocado toast on IG.

Beyond Ethereum: alerts for Polygon, Optimism, Arbitrum, and more

The best part is that Zerion notifications for addresses cover 10+ supported networks, including:

  • Polygon — find new NFTs, yield farms, and protocol tokens
  • Optimism — watch protocols and dapps others use to find best yields and OP airdrops
  • Arbitrum — watch what’s hot and use new dapps

Now let’s see how to set up alerts for any wallet.

How to get trade and mint notifications with Zerion

  1. Install the Zerion Wallet app
  2. Tap on the wallet icon and connect an address you want to watch — for your own addresses, it’s better to import wallets into Zerion to do more with them
  3. For the connected address, select whether to add to ‘My Wallets’ (it will be part of your total portfolio) or ‘Watchlist’ (put whales/OG wallets there). You can also enter ENS domains instead of addresses.
  4. By tapping on the address and then on the profile icon you can select which notifications to get

Important: make sure in your smartphone settings you have notifications enabled for the Zerion app.


Is there any way to get instant alerts when an ETH wallet buys and sells?

Yes, with Zerion Wallet you can add any Ethereum address and get notifications on your smartphone when the address buys, sells, mints, or does other on-chain actions.

How do I get Etherscan notifications?

With Etherscan, you need to create an account with an email and password, and you’ll be able to get notifications to your email. To get notifications on mobile, you can install the Zerion app (don’t need to register or create any account) and add any address to your watchlist. After that, you’ll get instant notifications.

How to get notifications when a Polygon address trades?

You can install the Zerion app and add the Polygon address to your watchlist. After that, you’ll get instant notifications when the address trades. And not just for Polygon: Zerion sends notifications for 10+ EVM networks, including Optimism and Arbitrum.

How to get notifications when an Arbitrum address trades?

With Zerion, you can add any Arbitrum address to your watchlist. After that, you’ll get mobile notifications when the address trades or mints or does anything else.

How to find whale addresses?

You can use a service like Nansen with a ready-to-use list of whale addresses. Or you can use Dune’s existing dashboards to find top addresses. You can also build a custom Dune dashboard to answer specific questions. Alternatively, you can simply browse transaction history with Zerion. If and when you come across an interesting address, you can add it to your watchlist and get mobile notifications when the address trades.