Of all zk-rollups, zkSync Era boasts the largest ecosystem of applications. Trying and using different applications could be one of the criteria for the eventual zkSync airdrop — that was the case for other rollups. In this post, we’ll explore ten different zkSync dapps that you can try. 

The wallet for zkSync

The best way to explore all these dapps is with a dedicated zkSync wallet like Zerion.

Zerion automatically tracks your entire portfolio, including tokens, DeFi positions, and NFTs. You can use it on mobile or as a browser extension — and can easily import your existing addresses and seed phrases. 

Now, let’s start exploring.   


Any chain needs a DEX, and zkSync has plenty of them. 

SyncSwap grew into the biggest decentralized exchange on zkSync. One of the cool things is a “wizard” that can help you find and manage the best liquidity pool.  

SyncSwap's Wizard
SyncSwap's Wizard

When doing anything on SyncSwap, you can also pay gas fees with any of the supported tokens instead of ETH. This way you can get a discount of up to 15%. You can also select of whether to receive refunds for unused gas in ETH or USDC. 

Finally, SyncSwap doesn’t yet have a token, which means you can earn rewards before the SYNC airdrop. 

Koi Finance 

Previously known as Mute, Koi Finance is another DEX on zkSync.

With Koi, you can also stake your LP and earn attractive rewards in various tokens. For example, for being an LP for ZORRO, a zkSync memecoin, you can earn a triple-digit APY. 


In the summer of 2023, PancakeSwap, the OG decentralized exchange from the Binance Smart Chain, launched its v3 on zkSync Era. 

Juicy yields on PancakeSwap

Although volumes and TVL are still lower than on zkSync-native DEXes, PancakeSwap offers attractive yields in its CAKE tokens when you provide liquidity and stake the LP. 


Built specifically for Layer-2s, ZeroLend is a lending and borrowing platform where you can earn an yield and get leverage. 

Lend and borrow assets with ZeroLend
Lend and borrow assets with ZeroLend

In May 2024, ZeroLend launched its token airdrop to users. But you can still earn tokens in Season 2. 


Derivatives are another major DeFi category, and here, Holdstation offers something unique on zkSync. 

Holdstation seeks to create a smooth perps trading experience like what you get on a centralized exchange yet while maintaining self-custody. And you can use leverage of up to 150x! 

Zomma Pro

Zomma is a DeFi platform and dapp for buying and selling options on zkSync. 

Trade options with Zomma
Trade options with Zomma

You can buy and sell call and put options for BTC and ETH as well as earn a yield for providing liquidity. You can also earn early ZMA tokens ahead of the airdrop — just do simple tasks like following the project on Twitter, connecting Discord, etc. Use this link to earn 50,000 $eZMA per $1 trading fee.


An NFT marketplace built for Layer-2 networks, Element is the place to go for new mints and trading JPEGs on zkSync Era.

Element, the NFT market on zkSync
Element, the NFT market on zkSync

Element also offers a Launchpad, where you can find new hot mints.


One of the OG NFT marketplaces, Rarible launched on zkSync in spring 2024.

zkSync NFTs on Rarible
zkSync NFTs on Rarible

To trade NFTs on zkSync with Rarible, you need to switch the network. You can also use Rarible to create individual NFTs or collections.  

Moody Madness by CryptoMaze

One of the biggest (and most fun) games on zkSync is Moody Madness.

Racing in CryptoMaze / Moody Madness
Racing in CryptoMaze / Moody Madness

Currently, you need to mint a battle pass or hold a Moody Mights NFT to play. After that, you can mint a race car and compete in tournaments or one-off races. You can win and mint onchain XP. Additional features are coming up, including staking, roulette, and more. 


In addition to being the best wallet for zkSync, Zerion is also a web app — and it’s zkSync dapp, too. 

Swap with zkSync on Zerion
Swap with zkSync on Zerion

Zerion can help you track all your wallets and find the best rates for bridging and swapping on zkSync. Select the token you want to sell and the token you want to buy, and Zerion will find the best DEX to swap them. 

To sum up

In this post, we’ve looked at some of the most popular zkSync dapps: DEXes, DeFi platforms, NFT marketplaces, games, and more.   

These dapps are only a small part of what zkSync Era has to offer. Check out also our list of zkSync coins and get positioned for further growth of zkSync.