We’re excited to announce that you can now provide liquidity to PieDAO’s DOUGH/ETH and Play/DOUGH Sushiswap pools and stake their LP tokens directly on Zerion!

Staking is one of the easiest ways to earn passive income as a DeFi investor.

Users who provide liquidity to these PieDAO pools and stake through our interface are eligible to earn DOUGH, which lies at the heart of PieDAO’s ecosystem of automated wealth creation.

What is PieDAO?

PieDAO is a decentralized asset manager with a focus on automated wealth creation. They introduced their “Pie” indexes to the DeFi community for the first time in March 2020, offering diversified portfolios of top-performing crypto assets with active yield-generating strategies

Pies stand out from other DeFi indexes due to their baked-in yield farming strategies that maximize returns with minimal effort. In addition, Pie holders enjoy significantly lower minting costs thanks to PieDAO’s community “Oven” which can save up to 97% in gas fees.

Stake to earn DOUGH rewards

Anyone who stakes the DOUGH/ETH and Play/DOUGH Sushiswap pools on Zerion is eligible to earn DOUGH, the governance token behind PieDAO. DOUGH is used for PieDAO governance and, and active members are rewarded with a share of the DAO’s profits.

PieDAO recently launched their DOUGHpamine incentive program to boost liquidity provision for DOUGH & PIEs, therefore making it easier for users to build positions without slippage.

Staking on Zerion

  1. Connect your non-custodial wallet on app.zerion.io. If you’re starting from scratch, check out our Help Center to get set up.
  2. Head over to the DOUGH/ETH or Play/DOUGH liquidity pool pages on Zerion
  3. Supply liquidity to the pool by using the widget next to the asset chart
  4. Once you hold liquidity pool shares, you’ll be able to stake them directly on the asset page
  5. Track your staked positions on the Overview page
  6. You can claim your rewards at any time by clicking “Claim” on the liquidity pool asset page
Sushi DOUGH/ETH liquidity pool

Got questions? Reach out to anyone on the Zerion or PieDAO team.