In June 2023, during the depths of the bear market, we opened early access to our groundbreaking product — our browser extension wallet.

Since then, we’ve been steadily improving our extension thanks to the invaluable feedback from around 30,000 users from Zerion’s existing NFT holders and members of specific communities across web3 who tested the extension first.

Today we’re excited to announce that it’s finally ready, and Zerion’s extension is now available for everyone!

This is not ‘just another’ extension

With this release, our wallet is now publicly available as a browser extension for Chrome, Arc, and Brave.

You may be thinking, “Why launch another extension?”

Since 2016, we've been at the forefront of the Ethereum ecosystem, gathering wisdom, insights, and expertise. Now, we're funneling all that knowledge into this wallet, meticulously designed and engineered to change your whole experience on the new internet.

It isn’t just another extension. It's your gateway to your onchain history, DeFi positions, NFT collections, and the most popular Layer-2s.

Today, Zerion is the easiest and safest way to explore every layer of this new internet.

Easiest multichain experience

OGs in this space will remember that Zerion started out as a DeFi aggregator.

Early on, we recognized that just like the explosion in ERC-20 tokens, the growth of DeFi would lead to thousands of protocols. We set out to track them all.

We see something similar happening with dapps and other non-DeFi use cases today. And most of this expansion is not happening on Ethereum but on Layer-2s. Mirror is on Optimism. Lens is on Polygon. is on Base.

Adding new networks, switching between them, and understanding your complete onchain footprint is clunky and slow with most legacy wallets.

The Zerion extension makes all of this easier and clearer than ever.

All of these onchain interactions also generate so much data that it can be difficult to know exactly what you’ve done onchain. Zerion shines in bringing all of this information together in a human-readable format.

Understanding your onchain footprint

You can’t be an owner unless you know what you own and where you’ve been.

Zerion’s extension makes it easy to see all your onchain stuff, including tokens, DeFi positions, NFTs, and transaction history — across all supported EVM networks.

While blockchain data is open to all, making sense of it isn’t as simple as it should be. This is one reason why the majority of wallets don't even try to display staked tokens, NFTs, or other complicated assets.

But understanding your onchain footprint is crucial for anyone in this space.

Track and manage your positions right in the extension.
Track and manage your positions right in the extension.

With Zerion, you’ll see all your assets and transaction history across 14 chains on our mobile apps, browser extension, and web app — consistently and in the same familiar format. The goal is to give you everything you need to stay in control and make informed choices.

The safest wallet for self-custodial humans

Getting the right information can also help you stay safe in Web3.

The default degen way is to ape, sign, and see what happens. This approach was profitable during the early days when crypto was a smaller space.

Now sophisticated scammers pray on these habits. Not just newcomers but OGs lose money by acting on FOMO and blindly signing messages.

Zerion Wallet leverages data to give you actionable information to fight these scams:

  1. Filter out onchain spam so you don’t even see most scams in your wallet
  2. Warn you if you try to connect your wallet to a malicious dapp
  3. Show you the transaction’s result before you sign so you can dodge wallet drainers

Most importantly, you still have the full freedom to explore. Don’t just hodl: safely browse, access, and own the new internet.

You Look Rare Pt. 2

When we released the Zerion wallet on mobile in May 2022, we also launched Zerion DNA, a free-to-mint generative NFT that changes and evolves the more you use the wallet.

This community has since grown larger than we even thought, with over 195k unique holders. This makes Zerion DNA the second-largest NFT collection on Ethereum!

With the extension launch, we also wanted to bring something new to DNA.

You will be able to mint a new NFT or upgrade your existing DNA with a special edition background available only inside the Zerion extension.

Choose between five distinct background colors. Each background represents one of Zerion's core values: Seek Alpha, Don’t Be a Maxi, Self-Custodial Humans, Be Invested, and It’s All Onchain.

Add a background to your Zerion DNA
Add a background to your Zerion DNA

So go ahead. Install Zerion’s Extension. Pick the value and color that resonates with you most and show off your new DNA!

What’s Next

Now is the time to step into the future and switch to Zerion.

Seamlessly import your existing address with a private key or bring your entire wallet using a seed phrase. You can even bring together all your wallets, as Zerion is one of the few extensions to support multiple seed phrases.

Oh, and you can use Zerion with Ledger :)