Today, we’re launching Zerion Premium, a subscription program for the most active web3 citizens, unlocking access to exclusive features, priority support, and more. Premium will evolve over the next few months, and by joining now, you can be among the first to get it. 

What is Zerion Premium? 

Zerion Premium is the paid version of the Zerion experience, offering even more value for active web3 citizens who seek alpha across many addresses and networks.

Premium is an annual subscription that helps you to get a deeper understanding of your onchain footprint across all your wallets. For $99 a year, which amounts to less than $9 per month, you get: 

  • P&L for any address for all supported EVM networks
  • Perks for any address, including non-Zerion wallets
  • Download a CSV transaction history of any address across all networks 
  • Reduced Zerion fee for trading and bridging: 0.4% instead of 0.8%

When purchasing Premium, you must select a Zerion DNA or mint it if you don’t have one. The selected DNA will get the Premium onchain attribute and a colorful border.

Zerion Premium

For just $99 a year, you can get Premium for one address. Or for $299, you can get it for a bundle of up to 7 addresses. 

All addresses in the bundle will get Perks, multichain P&L, and other Premium features. Only the main address with the Zerion DNA will publicly show up as Premium. There is no public cross-association between the wallets in the bundle. 

Zerion Premium is an ongoing initiative for us, and we invite you to shape it together. To that aim, as a Premium subscriber, you also get: 

  • Early access to new features and the ability to provide feedback that will guide the next version
  • Priority support to fix any issues fast

We are just getting started, and more features will come soon. To reward early adopters, we’re offering the early bird price — it’s likely the lowest price you’ll ever see.

Why now?

We’re excited to see that some people use Zerion for tens of different addresses with hundreds of positions and NFTs. While supporting those use cases requires more infrastructure resources, those people also get the most value from Zerion. 

By paying for additional features, these power users form a sustainable source of revenue for Zerion as an organization.

Meanwhile, everyone can continue using Zerion for free with all its main features — and graduate to Premium when it’s the right time for them.

Is this the same as the merged Zerion Premium DNA?

While the merge of Zerion Genesis NFTs and Zerion DNA laid the foundation for Zerion Premium, it’s a different story. 

The merge brought the benefits of Zerion Genesis holders (the OGs from 2021) into Zerion DNA, our main NFT collection. 

The holders of the merged Zerion Premium DNA get all the benefits of Premium and the benefits of Genesis (the fee waiver). The Premium DNA with the fee waiver is available on the secondary market but is expensive (~$1,000). Most of those holders likely won’t sell their NFTs, and that’s another reason to launch the new, more affordable Premium plan, focused on wallet features.

What’s next

This is only the beginning of Zerion Premium as for the most advanced web3 citizens.

Over the next few months, we will be in close touch with all Zerion Premium subscribers. We want to learn more about what you do in Web3 and how we can help you get even more value. 

Be early, get Premium now