The way out of the bear market is through. Buidl. And that’s what we did in 2023. 

On the one hand, the year zipped past in a heartbeat. On the other hand, Zerion is so different now; it feels more like 3 years have passed. While the champagne is chilling, let’s look back at the journey we’ve made.  

Built for the multichain world

As a Zerion user, you might already take your multichain experience for granted, but just a year ago, the story was different. It was still mostly about Ethereum. 

Now, Zerion helps you track your multichain transaction history and NFTs across 15 chains and counting! This includes Polygon, Optimism, Arbitrum, zkSync, Scroll, and other hot EVM networks.

And you can get alerts for watched wallets (or your own) to keep tabs on what’s happening across the L2 world. 

This multichain experience is now available across all platforms — thanks to the addition of the Zerion extension.

Zerion Wallet as a browser extension

The biggest change was the arrival of the Zerion browser extension. It took exactly a year to create it completely from scratch to public release. 

Early access campaign 

Zerion extension first became available via the early access campaign. Only holders of certain NFTs and members of web3 communities could get it. 

Still, over 30,000 people installed the extension. Feedback from those brave early users helped to make the Zerion extension even better. 

Full release 

Finally, in December, we opened up the Zerion extension to all!

Zerion in numbers

The Zerion team shipped so many releases that listing them all would make this post way too long. For example, new security features alone require a dedicated landing page. 

Instead, here are a few numbers that illustrate Zerion’s journey through 2023: 

  • 341,000 active funded wallets
  • +50,000 extension users
  • $595,000,000 transaction volume
  • 199,755 Zerion DNA unique owners

We wouldn’t get there without you, Zer — the community is the key part of Zerion.

The community

Even though 2023 was a brutal year for crypto prices and many people left, the Zerion community kept growing. 

For example, Zerion Discord reached 200,000 members, a 4x growth since the beginning of the year! Twitter, Mirror, and Orb also kept climbing up. It’s proof that active Web3 citizens are here to stay. 

It wasn’t all digital. We were also excited to see many of you IRL during some of the biggest web3 conferences. At ETH Denver, SpaghettETH, EDCON, EthCC, Zuzalu, DevConnect, and more — the Zerion team was continuously humbled to see your support.

Hearing your stories reminded us why’re here. This NFT from EthCC will be forever onchain and in our hearts.


It was even more exciting to see the community begin to organize on its own in a decentralized fashion. Thanks to Zerion Ambassadors, the community met up at ETH India. 

Looking ahead

At Zerion, we’re very bullish for 2024. And not because of the prices. 

We have the full suite of products — Zerion Wallet on iOS, Android, macOS, as the browser extension, and the web app. We have the most amazing team. And we have the support of you and the rest of our community. 

For those who want to get the most out of their Zerion experience, we just launched Premium. You can get in now at an early bird price and be the first to get all new features. 

Regardless of what happens in the market, we’ll still be here. Building and growing together with you.

Here’s to 2024!