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Slash the standard Zerion fee of 0.8% in half and enjoy a lower fee of 0.4% on trading across all supported chains.
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P&L tracking for every EVM
Review profit & loss for any chain, asset, and the whole portfolio, calculated automatically.
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Get a CSV file (here is an example) with all your transactions across 14 networks. It’s perfect for advanced analysis and prepping for the tax season.
Perks for non-Zerion wallets
Connect any address, including hardware wallets, to get notified about your airdrops, allowlists, and more!

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Zerion Premium is a one-year subscription designed for serious alpha seekers who want to level up their crypto experience.


1 Wallet


7 Wallets


Who is Zerion Premium for?

Zerion Premium is made for active Web3 users who want an even better Web3 experience, lesser trading fees, portfol analysis, including early access to all new features.

What’s the difference between individual and bundle plans?

The individual plan offers Premium benefits for just one address. In the bundle plan, you can add up to 7 addresses, and all of them will have the Premium benefits. So the bundle is useful if you have many addresses.

Can I later switch from the individual to the bundle plan?

Yes, you can later purchase the bundle and get Premium benefits for more addresses.

How to enable my wallet(s) for Premium after purchase?

You will be able to select wallets by searching or pasting addresses, ENS, or other domains.

For how long do I get the benefits with Premium?

You’ll get Premium benefits for 12 months from the date of your purchase.

Does Zerion Premium work with smart contract wallet?

Smart Contract wallets are not supported as primary wallet. Zerion Premium must be purchased by a regular wallet. You will still have access to P&L and CSV for any wallet, including smart contract wallets. To enjoy reduced trading/bridging fees with your smart contract wallet, you must buy a Bundle plan and add your smart contract wallet as a beneficiary.

Can I have more than 7 wallets in Premium?

Currently, the bundle is limited to 7 wallets.

What information do I get in the CSV file?

The CSV file includes transaction history for an address, going all the way back to 2018 and covering all blockchains and networks that Zerion fully supports. For each transaction, the CSV gives you transaction date, time, type, fees, etc (here is the full list of columns). Here is a sample CSV file for test.zerion.eth.

Can I transfer Premium benefits to another address?

Yes, you can transfer your Premium benefits to another wallet by sending your Zerion DNA NFT with the "Premium" attribute to the desired address.

Can I later change the addresses in the bundle?

Yes, you can change your addresses in the Zerion app. However, after you select the addresses, the bundle remains locked for 30 days, during which time you cannot select or change addresses.

Are the premium features available in all Zerion platforms?

Yes, Premium features are available in Zerion mobile apps, the web app, and the browser extension wallet.

If I have a Premium Zerion DNA, do I need to buy Premium?

No, you already automatically get the Individual plan for Premium for a lifetime. Please note that the Individual plan is different from the Bundle plan which lets you add up to 7 addresses to your Premium subscription.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Your subscription will not automatically renew, so there is no need to cancel.

Are there going to be more features for the premium?

Yes, we have plans for many additional features, including MEV protection, transaction propagation, cashback, notes in transactions, and more.