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What makes Zora different?

Developed by Zora, the Zora network is a fast, cost-efficient, and scalable Layer-2 network for scaling Ethereum. It’s based on OP Stack, which powers Optimism and Base networks.

While most L2s try to serve all use cases, the Zora chain specifically focuses on NFTs. Zora aims to rebuild the internet and unleash creativity through onchain media.
Besides fast confirmations and cheap gas, Zora offers innovative reward mechanisms that give out ETH to creators and collectors who share links to mints.

Explore the Zora ecosystem

On a mission to make creating on the internet free and valuable. The leading protocol and marketplace for NFT media.
A publishing platform for web3 where you can create writing NFTs on Zora
A music NFT platform that reimagines the relationship between artists and their fans.


What is the Zora chain?

Zora is a fast Layer-2 network for scaling Ethereum built specifically to bring media onchain. Zora is based on the OP Stack and uses ETH to pay for gas and mints on the network.

How do I add Zora to MetaMask?

In MetaMask, you can add Zora by copying Chain ID and other information to your wallet’s settings. Meanwhile, Zerion Wallet supports Zora Network right away and automatically — just bridge some ETH and it will show up there.

How do I send ETH to Zora?

You can send ETH to Zora via the official bridge or use any other L2 bridges such as Orbiter.

How do I bridge to Zora?

You can only bridge ETH to Zora. Use the official Zora bridge to bridge from the mainnet Ethereum. Or use an L2 bridge like Orbiter to bridge from another cheaper network such as Optimism or Arbitrum.

Is Zora network safe?

Zora uses the OP Stack that powers Optimism and Base networks. This technology, known as Optimistic rollups, secures billions of dollars worth of crypto assets. And in the end, the summary of transactions on Zora (and other rollups) are posted to the Ethereum network. So yes, you can say Zora is safe. However, as with anything else in crypto, there is some risk involved.

Does Zora have a token?

Zora does not have a token. Although there are rumors of a Zora airdrop, nothing is confirmed. However, Zora has several NFT collections, including the original ZORBS by Zora.